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Paradise under threat: Safeguarding and enhancing the local cultural economy in rural landscapes of Mallorca, Crete, and Samoa

Carla Chifos, Bartomeu Deya, Diane Menzies & Dexell Aita
Islands with traditional villages and rural landscapes are major attractors to tourism. The heritage, local products and cultural landscapes are a significant part of the draw of visitors. However, it is these aspects of the island that, even if they are formally protected, often suffer from the high demands of tourism. Add the threats of climate change and you have places that suffer from unexpected interference with a way of life and a disturbance of...

Presentations Given by COS

Mark Call, Daniel Steger, Mirka Dirzo, Matthew Frazier, Briana Wade, Doug Corell, Doreen Roma, Longze Chen, Matt Clark, Timothy M. Errington, Ashley Robinson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Ronald E Brooks, Blaine Butler, Macie Daley, Lisa Cuevas Shaw, Terry Foor, Andrew Tyner, Olivia Miske, Lesley Markham, David Thomas Mellor, Alexis Rice, Brinna Mawhinney, Marcy Reedy, Jonathan Walz … & Fielding L. Grasty
A collection of slides for virtually all presentations given by Center for Open Science staff since its founding in 2013.

Tourism, Dams and Greed: Lessons from the destruction of a rural cultural landscape in Crete

Carla Chifos
Four thousand years of shaping the landscape, developing sustainable agricultural practices and products, and forming a symbiotic relationship with ecological systems in the Aposelemis Valley of Crete has been disrupted due to the building of a large dam in the heart of that landscape. The politics and decision-making that resulted in the building and implementation of this dam are already documented and analyzed in a recent paper (Chifos, et al, 2019). This paper re-examines what...

Fines and Fees in Community Corrections

Ebony Ruhland, Jordan Hyatt, Julia Laskorunsky, Kelly Mitchell, Meghan O'Neil, Miriam Northcutt Bohmert, Nathan Link & Shytierra Gaston
The Community Corrections Fines and Fees Project (CCFF) is a multi-state, mixed-methods study that examines how fines and fees operate in community corrections (probation and parole) and how fines and fees impact the ability of individuals to succeed on supervision in several U.S. states. This project is funded by Arnold Ventures.

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