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Is the Production and Use of Grey Marine Literature a Model for Open Science?

Bertrum H. MacDonald, Rachael Cadman, Curtis Martin, Simon Ryder-Burbidge, Suzuette S. Soomai, Ian Stewart & Peter G. Wells
Globally, grey literature is common. Large quantities of openly available grey literature have been generated since the latter half of the nineteenth century. It is a primary source of information used in many public policy and decision-making contexts, at all jurisdictional levels. In fact, public decision making and policy development would seriously falter today in the absence of such literature. Moreover, in some jurisdictions, legislation mandates transparent governance processes in which current research must be...

Tracking the Influence of Grey Literature in Public Policy Contexts: The Necessity and Benefit of Interdisciplinary Research

Bertrum H. MacDonald, Suzuette S. Soomai & Peter G. Wells
Scientific information (much of it published as grey literature) can play a pivotal role in the search for solutions to serious global environmental problems. This fact is receiving growing attention by a diversity of researchers. How information functions within the interface between science and policy is only weakly understood, in part because most studies have been conducted through single disciplinary lenses. Moreover, determining the life cycles of scientific information and developing an understanding of the...

Grey Literature in the Life of GESAMP, an International Marine Scientific Advisory Body

Bertrum H. MacDonald
Co-authored together with Cordes R. E. and Wells P. G. / GESAMP, an international marine scientific advisory group sponsored by several UN bodies, has published significant reports on marine pollution and marine environmental protection since it was established in 1969. Although thoroughly reviewed and refereed, many of GESAMP’s publications fit within the internationally-accepted definition of grey literature. Since grey literature can be difficult to identify and locate, are GESAMP’s publications ever used? GESAMP serves as...

The Lancet Covid-19 Therapy Study: another miss-out

Dragan Pavlovic

Assessing the Diffusion and Impact of Grey Literature Published by International Intergovernmental Scientific Groups: The Case of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment

Bertrum H. MacDonald, Ruth E. Cordes & Peter G. Wells
Co-authored together with Ruth Cordes and Peter Wells. - Although many governmental and intergovernmental organizations publish vast quantities of grey literature, the importance of the diffusion and impact of this literature are rarely studied. Evidence from an investigation of the grey literature output of GESAMP, the Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (sponsored by the UN and several of the UN-family of organizations), indicated that the literature reached scientific...

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