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The Double Helix of Theory and Practice: Celebrating Stephen J. Goldberg as a Scholar, Practitioner, and Mentor

Mara Olekalns, Donna Shestowsky, Sylvia Skratek & Ann-Sophie De Pauw

The Dimensions of Consciousness: From perceptual illusions to psychedelics. An interview of Olivia Carter by Katrin H. Preller.

Olivia Carter & Katrin, H. Preller
In this interview, the psychologist and neuroscientist Olivia Carter (University of Melbourne, Australia) explains how she became interested in the field of consciousness. We discuss how her work on visual perception has led her to study the effect of psychedelics and how this has inspired a multidimensional model of consciousness. We discuss the potential contents of “higher” states of consciousness and argue that the existence of those is an unresolved question. We finish the exchange...

From the Field to the Laboratory: The Theory-Practice Research of Peter J. Carnevale

Linda Putnam, Mara Olekalns, Donald Conlon & Carsten De Dreu

Semantic Categories of Artifacts and Animals Reflect Efficient Coding

Noga Zaslavsky, Terry Regier, Naftali Tishby & Charles Kemp

Labor Market Policies During an Epidemic

Serdar Birinci, Fatih Karahan, Yusuf Mercan & Kurt See
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a marked slowdown of economic activity and the loss of many jobs. We look at two major policy responses designed to counteract the consequences of containment measures—the introduction of payroll subsidies and the expansion of unemployment insurance (UI)—and study their implications for the labour market and economic welfare. We develop a search model of the labour market and combine it with a standard epidemiological model. Our model features three...

Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass (CRIM)

Richard Freedman, Philippe Vendrix, David Fiala, Micah Walter, Emilio Sanfilippo, Raffaele Viglianti & Daniel Russo-Batterham

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