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Selinunt, Italien. Selinunt. Die Arbeiten des Jahres 2019

Ortwin Dally, Jon Albers, Heike Bücherl, Sophie Helas, Agnes Henning, Frédéric Mège, Arnaud Coutelas, Alf Lindroos & Jesper Olsen
The report contains the results of various research and excavation activities of the DAI Rome and its cooperation partners in Selinunt from the year 2019. The third and final campaign took place in the Agora, work continued on temples A and O, floor examinations were carried out in various houses on the Acropolis, a new DFG project was started in the east port, and in the Baglio Florio of the Parco Archeologico di Selinunte at...

2013 Simulated EnMAP Mosaics for the San Francisco Bay Area, USA - EnMAP Technical Report

Sam Cooper, Akpona Okujeni, Clemens Jänicke, Karl Segl, Sebastian van der Linden & Patrick Hostert
This dataset is composed of simulated EnMAP mosaics for the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Hyperspectral imagery used for the EnMAP simulation was collected across three time periods (Spring, Summer, and Fall) in 2013 with the AVIRIS-Classic sensor flown as part of the HyspIRI Preparatory Campaign. Flight lines were simulated to EnMAP-like data using the EnMAP end-to end Simulation tool to produce 30 x 30 m imagery with 195 bands (after band removal) ranging from...

CaeMmCom – Corpus altaegyptischer multimodaler Communication. Der Aufbau einer multimodalen Datensammlung altägyptischer Kommunikate

Rebecca Döhl, Silvia Kutscher & Jens-Martin Loebel
Der Beitrag beschreibt die Einführung einer neuen digitalen Methode zur Erforschung multimodaler graphischer Kommunikation für die Ägyptologie. Im Zentrum steht dabei der Aufbau eines digitalen Corpus, das Daten zur graphischen Kommunikation erfasst und dabei Verfahren entwickelt, neben Texten und Bildern auch Text-Bild-Kompositionen sowie deren räumliche Bedeutungsaspekte systematisch zu beschreiben, zu annotieren und zu visualisieren. Dadurch sollen im Fach neue Wege beschritten werden, mediale und kulturelle Gegebenheiten und Entwicklungen aus synchroner (z. B. Genretypen) als auch...

The impact of subsoil management on the delivery of ecosystem services

Sophie Ittner, Holger Gerdes, Miriam Athmann, Sara Luise Bauke, Martina Gocke, Julien Guigue, Sanjay Jaiswal, Timo Kautz, Oliver Schmittmann, Stefanie Schulz & Sabine Seidel
In recent years, the interest in subsoil has increased, since it can hold immense reservoirs of nutrients, organic matter and water. The subsoil can therefore provide important ecosystem services for the agricultural production system and beyond. This paper assesses the sustainability of two subsoil management measures with regard to the delivery of soil-related ecosystem services: a) the cultivation of deep-rooted pre-crops (biological approach) and b) stripwise mechanical subsoil loosening in combination with the incorporation of...

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