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Global Soybean Trade – The Geopolitics of a Bean

Marcello De Maria, Elizabeth Robinson, Joseph Rajabu Kangile, Reuben MJ Kadigi, Ilda Dreoni, Matheus Couto, Niko Howai, Jurgen Peci & Sicily Fiennes
This report, which is the result of collaborative effort within the Trade Hub project, explores the multiplicity of issues associated with the so-called ‘soybean miracle’, both from a global and a local perspective. With a comprehensive review of the available literature and data, and with country-specific summaries for Tanzania, Brazil and China, this study retraces the historical moments that contributed to make soybean a ‘global flexible crop’, increasingly appreciated and demanded for its versatility all...

Uncertainty and the Specificity of Human Capital

Martin Gervais, Igor Livshits & Cesaire Meh
This paper studies the choice between general and specific human capital. A trade-off arises because general human capital, while less productive, can easily be reallocated across firms. Accordingly, the fraction of individuals with specific human capital depends on the amount of uncertainty in the economy. Our model implies that while economies with more specific human capital tend to be more productive, they also tend to be more vulnerable to turbulence. As such, our theory sheds...

Not just data: Getting researchers to use DOIs for working papers at Southampton

Isobel Stark
A presentation given at the annual UK DataCite Consortium Summer Meeting hosted by the British Library on 14th July 2021. The brief talk looked at the history of getting academics, researchers and professional services staff to recognise the benefits of adding persistent identifiers to grey literature such as research reports and working papers.

Humans of AI3SD: Dr Jennifer Hiscock

Michelle Pauli & Jennifer R. Hiscock
This interview forms part of our Humans of AI3SD Series. Dr Jennifer Hiscock is a reader in supramolecular chemistry at the University of Kent and a UKRI Future Leaders fellow. Her research is focused on a new approach to antibiotic and anti-cancer drug design and she is also co-founder of an international Women in Supramolecular Chemistry network. In this Humans of AI3SD interview she discusses the marginalisation of women in chemistry, using AI to handle...

Book of Abstracts for the second International Conference on Evolving Cities: University of Southampton 22 - 24 September 2021

AbuBakr Bahaj, Stephanie Gauthier, Thomas Rushby & Philip Turner
This document provides a record of the submitted abstracts for the International Conference on Evolving Cities including all oral presentations and posters presented at ICEC 2021. Volume 12 in the Sustainable Energy Series.

Evaluation of the expanded Southampton pilot study (Phase 2) for use of saliva-based lamp testing in asymptomatic populations: Final report, 16th November 2020

Keith Godfrey, Lisa Bagust, Janis Baird, Mary Barker, James Batchelor, Sian Bryant, Claire Colbain, Helen Everest, Andrew Flockhart, Kate Anne Glyn-Owen, Jessica Gow, Mike Hall, Barbara Halliday, Melanie Haydon, Hazel Inskip, Katharine Kerr, Harry Kutty, Luke Johnson, Ben Johnston, Donna Lovelock, Andrew Mortimore, Joanna Musgrove, Mark Olden, Hayley L. Parker, Richard Pearson … & Nida Ziauddeen
This report serves to describe the Southampton Phase 2 saliva testing programme. Separate to formal reporting requirements of the DHSC-funded service evaluation, the aim is for this report to provide a form of manual as guidance for any group that wishes to undertake similar testing.

The report below begins with a general overview of the programme, but then more detailed sections follow relating to: the overall programme; the work in schools; and the work in the...

AI 4 Proteins: Protein Structure Prediction

Wendy Warr
A report by Wendy A. Warr (wendy@warr.com) on a series of virtual meetings organized by the AI3SD Network (Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigations for Scientific Discovery) and the Royal Society of Chemistry Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group (RSC-CICAG), April 14, May 5, May 26, and June 16-17, 2021

Building resilience of roofing technologies in a changing climate

Patrick James, Massimiliano Manfren &
This research project, undertaken by the University of Southampton, investigates the impact that climate change will have on roofs covering the existing stock of buildings across the UK. It was commissioned by the NFRC Charitable Trust under the Trust's 'Sustainability' charitable aim.

Transformation of the Higher Education systems of Eastern European developing countries through organisational learning: the case of Bulgaria”.

Daniela Petrova Bariakova
This thesis aims to fill the gap in the existing literature of organisational learning and social innovation by examining the transformation of the HE systems in the Eastern European developing countries.

Data was collected from system actors within the Bulgarian higher education system. Fortysix semi-structure in-depth interviews were conducted with three groups of participants: topmiddle university management, academics and policy makers/experts in 2016-2017. Three methods of analysis were applied for answering the...

Young Lives and Imagined Futures: Insights from Archived Data

Graham Crow, Sarah Irwin, Dawn Lyon, Bethany Morgan Brett & Mandy Winterton
Timescapes Working Paper Series, 6

Review of Energy Policy 2021

Rob Gross, Mike Bradshaw, Gavin Bridge, Gisa Weszkalnys, Imogen Rattle, Peter Taylor, Richard Lowes, Meysam Qadrdan, Jianzhong Wu, Jillian Anable, Nicola Beaumont, Astley Hastings, Rob Holland, Andrew Lovett & Anita Shepherd
2021 has been a landmark year for UK energy and climate policy. Plans and strategies were announced across many sectors, from offshore wind to how we heat our homes. The UK also hosted COP26 and pressed hard for greater ambition. Now that the spotlight has moved, in this Review, we consider whether plans will be adequate to deliver results. With a focus on gas and the UK continental shelf, industrial decarbonisation, heat, mobility and the...

AI3SD Project: Interpretable crystal descriptions across length scales for materials discovery

James Cumby
Most technological devices depend in some way on crystalline inorganic materials, from the perovskite oxides found in the capacitors underpinning phones and computers through to the ceramic materials used to insulate ovens and hobs. Future technologies will require new materials with different properties, but discovering these is a significant challenge; trial and error is simply too complex and time-consuming. An alternative approach is to harness our knowledge of the crystalline structure of existing materials in...

Small area population estimates using random forest top-down disaggregation (Part 2): the popRF 'R' package

Attila Lazar, Maksym Bondarenko, Heather Chamberlain, Warren Jochem, Sarchil Qader, Edith Darin & Andrew Tatem

Aerodynamics and Experimental Optimisation of Automotive Underbody Diffusers in the Presence of Rake

Pawel, Wojciech Kekus
This research project was focused on two related topics hardware-in-the-loop aero- dynamic optimisation, and aerodynamics of automotive underbody diffusers in the presence of rake, defined as an inclination of the underfloor with respect to the ground. Two experimental systems were used for automatic, closed-loop optimisation trials, and for mapping of aerodynamic performance. Each consisted of an Ahmed-type body with a diffuser, with three controlled degrees of freedom, i.e. the model's height above the ground, and...

Monitoring of Methane Emissions at Southern Hydrate Ridge using Deep-Sea Cabled Observatory

Yann Marcon , Deborah Kelley , Blair Thornton , Dana Manalang & Gerhard Bohrmann
Natural methane gas release from the seafloor is a widespread phenomenon that occurs at cold seeps along most continental margins. Since their discovery in the early 1980s, seeps have been the focus of intensive research, partly aimed at refining the global carbon budget. However, deep-sea research is challenging and expensive and, to date, few programs have successfully monitored the variability of methane gas release over several weeks or more. Long-term monitoring is necessary to study...

Mobile Application for Thai & Foreign Tourists Visiting Thai Temple

Kewalin Angkananon, Piyabud Plodaksorn & Mike Wald
This research gathered requirements from Thai and foreign tourists to successfully design Thai and English Android and IOS versions of a mobile application to provide an enhanced experience for tourists visiting the Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan (PMW) Temple in Thailand. The content and user interface were designed based on theories and related research and three experts evaluated the prototype to improve the final application versions which were evaluated at the temple by Thai and foreign tourists....

Railway arches, entrepreneurs, and culture-led urban regeneration

Daniel Ashton
This article focuses on the role of entrepreneurs in culture-led urban regeneration and the transformation of industrial sites. Specifically, this article will consider entrepreneur-led regeneration in the UK with reference to two examples from the UK: "a space arts" in Hampshire and "Arch Creatives" in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. This article will argue for the continued emphasis on existing creative industries activities when evaluating culture-led urban regeneration.

AI3SD Series: Skills4Scientists 2021

Samantha Kanza, Nicola Knight, Jeremy Frey, Samuel Mundy & Simon Coles
This is a record of all of the videos from Skills4Scientists Series which has been organised as a joint venture between the Artificial Intelligence for Scientific Discovery Network+ (AI3SD) and the Physical Sciences Data-Science Service (PSDS). This series ran over summer 2021 and aims to educate and improve scientists skills in a range of areas including research data management, python, version control, ethics, and career development. This series is primarily aimed at final year undergraduates...

AI3SD Paperless Lab Conference Report 2019

Samantha Kanza & Nicola Knight
This event was run by the Paperless Lab Academy which is organized by NL42 Consulting and is the 7th iteration of this congress, this year hosted again at Lake Maggiore in Italy. The cent- ral theme for this edition of the conference was #eDataLifeCycle @Work â turn your laboratory into a data-driven knowledge center.
The congress was a two-day event comprised of a number of presentations, interactive work- shops, and an expert panel discussion session. It...

Networks 4 Augmented Chemical Intelligence?

Jeremy G. Frey
Slides from a conference paper presented at the Machine Learning / Big Data Workshop held at the University of York on 28th July 2021.

AI3SD PhenoHarmonIS Conference Report 2018

Samantha Kanza
PhenoHarmonIS is an invite only week long workshop run every two years that is focused on harmonizing agronomic data using semantic web technologies. The scientific domains that were represented in this workshop are conservation, breeding, crop traits, agronomy and agro-ecology. The invited participants ranged from agronomists in many different areas of agriculture to data scientists and ontologists working in the agricultural domain. The participants were encouraged to provide feedback on the standards and tools that...

Humans of AI3SD: Dr Martin Immanuel-Bittner

Michelle Pauli & Martin Immanuel-Bittner
Martin-Immanuel Bittner MD DPhil FRSA is the chief executive officer of Arctoris, the worldâs first fully automated drug discovery platform that he co-founded in Oxford in 2016. He graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Freiburg in Germany, followed by his DPhil in Oncology as a Rhodes scholar at the University of Oxford. Martin has extensive research experience covering both clinical trials and preclinical drug discovery and is an active member of several...

European profile for language teacher education: a frame of reference. Final report. A report to the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture

Michael Kelly, Michael Grenfell, Rebecca Allan, Christine Kriza & William McEvoy
This report proposes a European Profile for language teacher education in the 21st century. It deals with the initial and in-service education of foreign language teachers in primary, secondary and adult learning contexts and it offers a frame of reference for language education policy makers and language teacher educators in Europe. The findings draw on consultation with a wide range of European experts on language teacher education, and on the experience of eleven European teacher...

AI3SD Molecules, Graphs & AI Workshop Report 2019

Nicola Knight
This event was one of the first full day workshops hosted by the AI3SD Network. It was hosted by the AI3SD Network at the picturesque Ageas Bowl, Southampton. The workshop was designed to explore the ways in which molecular graphs can be used to drive property and other predictions using Machine Learning and other AI techniques. The programme was made up from a number of keynote talks ranging on the applications of Graph Theory in...

The Virtuoso Type: Cultural Representations of the Exceptional Musician

Will Kitchen
This article explores cultural representations of musical virtuosity. In reference to a key figure in the historical development of the virtuoso as a cultural type –the Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886)– the analysis demonstrates how cinematic representations of this figure construct and maintain the centrality of audio-visual impression in the discourse of Romantic aesthetics. By being a marker of an « exceptional » musician, the virtuoso’s potential to transcend ideologically determined systems of...

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