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Podcaster Protocols for Flow-State Conversation

Christopher Astill, Nicholas De Michiel, Anthony Nguyen, Robert Gronbeck & Benny Wallington
Methods for maximising flow-state during intentional conversation

The Bright Homunculus in our Head: Individual Differences in Intuitive Sensitivity to Logical Validity

Omid Ghasemi, Simon Handley & Stephanie Howarth
Classic dual process theories of human reasoning attribute explicit reasoning to effortful, deliberative thinking. According to these models, intuitive processes lack any access to the formal rules of logic and probability and hence rely exclusively on superficial problem features to determine a response. However, in recent years, researchers have demonstrated that reasoners are able to solve simple logical or probabilistic problems relatively automatically, a capability which has been called ‘logical intuition’. In four experiments, we...

Presentations Given by COS

Timothy Errington, Brian Geiger, Brian Nosek, Longze Chen, Fitz Elliott, David Mellor, David Litherland, Yuhuai Liu, Zachary Loomas, Krystal Hahn, Olivia Miske, Briana Wade, Huajin Wang, Alexis Rice, Nicole Pfeiffer, Lisa Shaw, Andrew Tyner, Whitney Wissinger, Lesley Markham, Fielding Grasty, Olivia Lowrey, Marcy Reedy, Mark Call, Jonathan Walz, Futa Ikeda … & Abram Booth
A collection of slides for virtually all presentations given by Center for Open Science staff since its founding in 2013.

The demands of professional rugby league match-play

Daniel Glassbrook, Tim Doyle, Jacqueline Alderson & Joel Fuller
This review characterizes the movement demands of professional rugby league match-play.

Paperpile to Markdown Recursive Parser

Brian Ballsun-Stanton

FOAR705 2019 work

Ellen Kirkpatrick
Identifying shared themes between qualitative sources and storing them

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