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Podcaster Protocols for Flow-State Conversation

Christopher Astill, Nicholas De Michiel, Anthony Nguyen, Robert Gronbeck & Benny Wallington
Methods for maximising flow-state during intentional conversation

Understanding the visual constraints on lexical processing: New empirical and simulation results (Experiment 2)

Aaron Veldre, Lili Yu, Sally Andrews & Erik Reichle
It is well known that visual acuity is not uniform across the visual field. Acuity instead decreases precipitously from the center of vision. The region of maximum acuity, called the fovea, is comprised of the central 2º of the visual field, with a region of rapidly decreasing acuity called the parafovea extending an additional 5º of visual angle to either side of this. Although the photoreceptors required for perceiving fine detail are largely limited to...


Omid Ghasemi

Set Size Predictability and VWM for fearful faces

Kim Curby
This is an honours project conducted at Macquarie University investigating the effect of set size predictability on the VWM cost for fearful faces.

Impact of glass shape on amplitude of activity in orbicularis oris and sip size: an electromyography study

Tess Langfield, Philippe Gilchrist, Mark Pilling, Melissa Norberg & Theresa Marteau

Cognition of Coding

Irene Graafsma, Serje Robidoux, Eva Marinus, Matthew Roberts, Vince Polito, Judy Zhu & Lyndsey Nickels

Diet shift in a non-anadromous salmon: the effect of length on increased piscivorous feeding and trophic position.

Daniel Johnson & Drew Allen
Trophic ecology via isotope analysis is a functional way to predict the position of a consumer within the ecosystem it inhabits (Post, 2002). For this study, I aim to define trophic position changes and fish predation or piscivorous feeding in relation to size increase in a population of non-anadromous kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), in the Jo-Jo Lake of south-west Alaska. Previous studies have shown these fish to exhibit planktivorous feeding, with some exceptions (Nelson JS,...

Overcoming the other-race effect in face recognition

Daniel Guilbert & kim curby
This pre-registration is to document our analysis plan for a study in which data collection is currently underway. These data have not been viewed and analysed in any way. Study Overview The other-race effect is a well-established phenomenon whereby people perform poorly when attempting to recognise faces that belong to a race different from their own, such as when a Caucasian person tries to recognise the face of a black person). According to social-cognitive accounts,...

Genetic or Environmental control of blue tit nests

Louis O'Neill, Timothy Parker & Simon Griffith

Replication of De Neys et al (2013) at Macquarie University

Omid Ghasemi, Robert Ross & Simon Handley
We are a team of researchers at Macquarie University who is attempting to replicate De Neys et al (2013) using a sample of university students

Data and Results

Omid Ghasemi, Robert Ross & Simon Handley

Anxiety and Depression in Youth with Chronic Pain

Joanne Dudeney, Blake Dear, Rachel Aaron, Madelyne Bisby, Lakeya McGill & Taylor Hathway
A comprehensively review of the published literature on anxiety and depression in youth with chronic pain.

Analysis Scripts

Omid Ghasemi


Omid Ghasemi

Psychosocial impacts of endometriosis

Melissa Pehlivan, Kerry Sherman & Viviana Wuthrich
Over half individuals with endometriosis, a chronic gynaecological condition, meet the criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder (see Pope, Sharma, Sharma, & Mazmanian, 2015 for a review), with around 80% reporting symptoms of depression (Sepulcri & Amaral, 2009) and anxiety (González-Echevarría, Rosario, Acevedo, & Flores, 2019). However, chronic pelvic pain, the most common symptom of endometriosis (Bulletti, Coccia, Battistoni, & Borini, 2010), has been inconsistently related to poor mental health in endometriosis (Márki, Bokor,...

The relationship between body dissatisfaction and engagement and disengagement bias to low fat bodies

Thea House, Wong Keat, Ian Stephen, Kevin Brooks, Helen Bould, Angela Attwood & Ian Penton-Voak
In this observational study we aim to test the relationship between body dissatisfaction and attentional biases to low fat bodies using the Attentional Response to Distal versus Proximal Emotional Information (ARDPEI) task. Our predictor variables are engagement bias and disengagement bias to low fat bodies and our outcome variable is body dissatisfaction. We are also interested appearance comparisons and eating disorder-specific rumination as possible mediator variables.

Individuation and the other-race effect

Daniel Guilbert
This experiment is designed to test social-cognitive explanations for the other-race effect in face recognition. In particular, this study tests whether individuation of other-race faces can effectively reduce the other-race effect.

Manipulating Congruent/Incongruent Proportion in the Composite Face Task

Kim Curby

Study 2: Defining Constructs

Siska Fitrianie, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Merijn Bruijnes, Kim Baraka, Rianne van den Berghe, Ulysses Bernardet, Tibor Bosse, Frances Brazier, Jacob Browne, , Eva Hudlicka, Ulrich Gnewuch, Franziska Burger, Mathieu Chollet, Leigh Clark, Benjamin Cowan, Salam Daher, Ding Ding, Frank Foerster, Emer Gilmartin, Catholijn Jonker, Mike Ligthart, Jeffrey Sirocki, Andrea Bönsch, David Howcroft … & Cristina;Cristina Zaga;Zaga
A study that involves experts to organize constructs (within seven categories resulted in the Study 1: Defining Categories) into groups.

The effect of observing touch to a human hand on visuo-tactile temporal order judgement

Sophie Smit, Anina Rich & Regine Zopf

Reward rapidly modulates visual perception

Phillip Cheng, Mike Le Pelley & Anina Rich
This project investigates the influence of reward on the perception of visual information. Previous studies repeatedly show that reward can capture attention even if the reward information is not behaviorally relevant or counterproductive. This indicates that the effect of reward occurs before the information reaches attention. This project explores this idea of reward's impact on early stages of brain's information-processing stream, i.e., perception.

Analysis Scripts

Omid Ghasemi & Andrew Roberts


Omid Ghasemi & Andrew Roberts

Performing under threat, impact of anxiety on marksmanship performance in tactical occupations: a systematic review and a meta-analysis

Daniel Cooper, Tim Doyle, Joel Fuller & Jodie Wills
To conduct a meta-analysis and systematic review of the current literature on the impact of marksmanship performance between conditions of low and high perceived pressure. As well as the effectiveness of current research intervention methods on improving performance from conditions of low to high perceived pressure.

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  • 2021

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