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Monica Djerf-Pierre & Maria Edström

Comparing gender and media equality across the globe

Djerf-Pierre Monika & Edström Maria

Pilgrimage and Ancestors: the importance of return

Jorgen Hellman
Drawing on ethnographic material from pilgrimages on West Java I argue that understandings of pilgrimage will benefit from including the return home in order to fully appreciate the meaning it holds for pilgrims. If we include into the study an extensive period after coming home, it facilitates situating the practice in a specific socio-cultural context and helps to understand how a pilgrimage partakes in these settings rather than being a ‘ “one off” transient and...

Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe

Monika Djerf-Pierre & Maria Edström

Silicon Valley och makten över medierna

Carl-Gustav Lindén

Explaining gender equality in news content

Monika Djerf-Pierre

The GEM-Index

Monika Djerf-Pierre & Edström Maria

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