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Effect of spray properties on aerosol scavenging efficiency with water mist

Hui Liang, Qian Zhou, Nejdet Erkan & Shunichi Suzuki
In the foreseen decommissioning plans of damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors, submicron aerosol particles will be generated when retrieving fuel debris from reactor buildings by cutting it into small pieces. A multi-nozzle spray system will be used to scavenge these aerosol particles inside the primary containment vessel. To improve the aerosol removal efficiency of the multi-nozzle spray system, it is now necessary to study the aerosol removal performance by different single spray nozzles with different spray...

The interaction between N and P addition on grassland soil acid buffering capacity is regulated by precipitation

Zhan Shi, Jacob Weiner, Andrea Cavalieri, Heyong Liu, Tianpeng Li, Jiangping Cai & Yong Jiang
Soil acidification induced by nitrogen (N) deposition has important effects on species diversity and ecosystem function. The potential role of phosphorous (P) limitation on these effects was overlooked and observed only after decades of atmospheric N deposition. Few studies have addressed the long-term effect of P addition on soil acidification resulting from N deposition. Changes in precipitation patterns could also have important effects on soil acidification in semi-arid regions. To investigate the effects of long-term...

Trypanosoma evansi evades host innate immunity by releasing extracellular vesicles to activate TLR2-AKT signaling pathway

Ran Wei, Xin Li, Xiaocen Wang, Nan Zhang, Yuru Wang, Xichen Zhang, Pengtao Gong & Jianhua Li
Surra, one of the most important animal diseases with economic consequences in Asia and South America, is caused by Trypanosoma evansi. However, the mechanism of immune evasion by T. evansi has not been extensively studied. In the present study, T. evansi extracellular vesicles (TeEVs) were characterized and the role of TeEVs in T. evansi infection were examined. The results showed that T. evansi and TeEVs could activate TLR2-AKT pathway to inhibit the secretions of IL-12p40,...

The hypothesis of tautomeric equilibrium between epimers in ciquitins A and B

Peng Zhao, Xiao-Xiao Huang & Shao-Jiang Song
Recently, ciquitins A and B isolated from the powdered and defatted airdried aerial parts of Leucophyllum ambiguum were reported as a mixture of conformers in a solution at room temperature. Considering the existence of a hemiacetal hydroxyl fragment in the ciquitins A and B, they are more likely to exist in the form of epimer rather than the mixture of conformers. To confirm this hypothesis, the NMR calculations of two epimers at C-9 (1-a and...

Additional file 1 of Effect of traditional Chinese medicine formula Guilu Xian on in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer outcome in older women with low prognosis: study protocol for a prospective, multicenter, randomized double-blind study

Yingjie Ma, Xianling Cao, Jingyan Song, Dandan Gao, Xinlei Wang, Li Li & Zhengao Sun
Additional file 1. Technical route.

Aromatic glycosides from the aerial part of Bupleurum chinense

Yan Liu, Dong-Xv Lu, Jin Huang, Juan Pan, Wei Guan, Bing-You Yang & Hai-Xue Kuang
A new aromatic glycoside (1) and twelve (2–13) known aromatic glycosides were isolated from the n-butyl alcohol of the 70% EtOH extract of the aerial part of Bupleurum chinense. Among them, compounds 4–7, 9, 11–13 were isolated from Umbelliferae plants for the first time. Their structures were elucidated by NMR and MS spectroscopy, and the absolute configuration of compound 1 was elucidated by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Compounds 6 and 10 showed moderate cytotoxic activities on...

A novel genetic variant potentially altering the expression of MANBA in the cerebellum associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Han Chinese children

Xinzhen Chen, Ting Yao, Jinliang Cai1, Qi Zhang, Shanyawen Li, Huiru Li, Xihang Fu & Jing Wu
To get additional insight into the genetic factors of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). First, we performed a transcriptome-wide association study (TWAS) integrating human cerebellum-specific variant-expression/splicing correlations to identify ADHD susceptibility genes. Then, the associations between expression/splicing quantitative trait loci (eQTLs/sQTLs) of the transcriptome-wide significant genes and ADHD were observed in a case-control study of Han Chinese children. Furthermore, dual luciferase reporter gene assays were performed to validate the regulatory function of ADHD risk variants....

Role of intestinal extracellular matrix-related signaling in porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection

Yuchen Li, Jianda Li, Xiuyu Wang, Qingxin Wu & Qian Yang
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) is emerging as a major threat to the global swine industry. Clinical PEDV infection is associated with severe intestinal lesions, resulting in absorptive dysfunction and high mortality rates in suckling piglets. The extracellular matrix (ECM) is an important component of intestinal tissue, providing a structural framework and conveying tissue-specific signals to nearby enterocytes. In this study, we investigated the extensive ECM remodeling observed in intestinal epithelial cells infected with PEDV...

sj-pdf-1-ajs-10.1177_03635465211030259 – Supplemental material for Quadriceps Tendon Autograft Versus Bone–Patellar Tendon–Bone and Hamstring Tendon Autografts for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Wenli Dai, Xi Leng, Jian Wang, Jin Cheng, Xiaoqing Hu & Yingfang Ao
Supplemental material, sj-pdf-1-ajs-10.1177_03635465211030259 for Quadriceps Tendon Autograft Versus Bone–Patellar Tendon–Bone and Hamstring Tendon Autografts for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis by Wenli Dai, Xi Leng, Jian Wang, Jin Cheng, Xiaoqing Hu and Yingfang Ao in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

Physical properties of deep eutectic solvents based on p-toluene sulfonic acid and employment as catalyst

Shan Jiang, Zuoxiang Zeng, Weilan Xue, Zhijie Mao & Ying Wang
This work studied the physical properties of three deep eutectic solvents (DESs) and their catalytic activity in the esterification of palmitic acid and ethanol. Three types of deep eutectic solvents (DESs) were successfully prepared using p-toluene sulfonic acid monohydrate (PTSA) as hydrogen bond donor (HBD) with dodecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (DTAC), tetradecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (TTAC) and octadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (OTAC) as hydrogen bond acceptor (HBA). The freezing points of DESs were measured in...

Comparison of the accelerating effect of graphene oxide and graphene on anaerobic transformation of bisphenol F by Pseudomonas sp. LS

Hong Lu, Jingyi Li, Ze Fu, Xiaolei Wang, Jiti Zhou & Jing Wang
It was found that bisphenol F (BPF) could be anaerobically transformed to 4,4-dihydroxybenzophenone using nitrate as an electron acceptor by Pseudomonas sp. LS. However, BPF removal was a slow process under anaerobic conditions. In the present study, effects of graphene oxide (GO) and graphene on the anaerobic transformation of BPF were studied in detail. Results showed that GO (2–10 mg/L) and graphene (2–20 mg/L) could increase the anaerobic biotransformation rate of BPF. For GO-mediated system,...

Risk of Ophthalmic Adverse Events in Patients Treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Regimens: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Yan-Li Hou, Di-Ya Wang, Jie-Xuan Hu, Ru-Yue Tian, Wei Wang, Qiang Su, Hongyang Li & Yan-Ling Wang
Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) -induced adverse events (AEs) have been reported affecting almost all human organs. However, studies about ocular AEs are few. A meta-analysis was performed to evaluate the risks of ICI-related ophthalmic AEs compare to chemotherapy. Methods: Eligible studies were selected from phase II/III randomized controlled trials investigating ICIs. The data were analyzed by R software and Stata. Odds ratio of treatment-related AE (trAEs) and nonspecific ophthalmic trAEs (NS-trAEs) were lower for PD-1/PD-L1...

GlyinsRNA: a webserver for predicting glycosylation sites on small RNAs

Chunmei Cui, Xiaobin Wu & Yuan Zhou
Versatile RNA modifications play important roles in post-transcriptional regulations of gene expression, among which glycosylation modifications on small RNAs emerge as a novel clade whose characteristics need further interrogations. Here, we demonstrated that the sequence pattern around RNA glycosylation sites was not random and could be exploited for glycosylation site prediction. A machine learning predictor, GlyinsRNA, which integrated multiple RNA sequence representation encodings, was established. GlyinsRNA achieved AUROC (area under the receiver operating characteristic curve)...

Preparation, Characterization of Carboxyl Polyaldehyde Sugars and Application as Innovative Anti-crease Finishing Agents for Cotton Fabric

Jiangfei Lou, Dan Wang & Xuerong Fan
We have designed and prepared four new cellulose cross-linking agents using NaClO/NaBr/TEMPO and sodium periodate selective catalytic oxidation systems. First, the primary hydroxyl group of sucrose, trehalose, maltose, or lactose was carboxylated through NaClO/NaBr/TEMPO system, and then sodium periodate was used to selectively oxidize the carboxyl compound to obtain carboxyl polyaldehyde sugars. They contained multiple aldehyde groups and carboxyl groups in the molecule, had high reactivity, and can be covalently cross-linked with cellulose. To evaluate...

An analysis of the optimal intrusion force of the maxillary central incisor with root horizontal resorption using the finite element method and curve fitting

Xin Zhang, Min-Qi Li, Jie Guo, Heng-Wei Yang, Jian Yu & Guo-Ju Li
There are no studies on the optimal intrusion force in orthodontic patients with the existing root resorption (RR). The study aimed to analyze the optimal intrusion force for central incisors with existing horizontal root resorption using the finite element method (FEM). We calculated the optimal intrusion force using the finite element method and curve fitting. We found that with the increase of the maxillary central incisor’s root horizontal resorption length, the optimal intrusion force interval’s...

Facile design of lidocaine-loaded polymeric hydrogel to persuade effects of local anesthesia drug delivery system: complete in vitro and in vivo toxicity analyses

Yan Li, Erxian Zhao, Li Li, Liying Bai & Wei Zhang
The principal goal of the present investigation was to enterprise new and effective drug delivery vesicle for the sustained delivery of local anesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride (LDC), using a novel combination of copolymeric hydrogel with tetrahydroxyborate (COP–THB) to improve bioactivity and therapeutic potential. To support this contention, the physical and mechanical properties, rheological characteristics, and component release of candidate formulations were investigated. An optimized formulation of COP–THB containing LDC to an upper maximum concentration of 1.5%...

Development and assessment of the efficacy and safety of human lung-targeting liposomal methylprednisolone crosslinked with nanobody

Dong Weng, Zhao-Fang Yin, Shan-Shan Chen, Xian He, Nan Li, Tao Chen, Hui Qiu, Meng-Meng Zhao, Qin Wu, Nian-Yu Zhou, Li-Qin Lu, Dan-Li Tang, Jia-Cui Song & Hui-Ping Li
Glucocorticoid (GC) hormone has been commonly used to treat systemic inflammation and immune disorders. However, the side effects associated with long-term use of high-dose GC hormone limit its clinical application seriously. GC hormone that can specifically target the lung might decrease the effective dosage and thus reduce GC-associated side effects. In this study, we successfully prepared human lung-targeting liposomal methylprednisolone crosslinked with nanobody (MPS-NSSLs-SPANb). Our findings indicate that MPS-NSSLs-SPANb may reduce the effective therapeutic dosage...

Alkaloids constituents from the roots of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. with their cytotoxic activities

Ying Chen, Li Li, Li-Rui Jiang, Jia-Yin Tan, Li-Na Guo, Xiao-Li Wang, Wei Dong, Wen-Bao Wang, Ji-Kai Sun & Bo Song
Two new alkaloids, phranisines A–B (1–2), along with two known compounds, N-p-Coumaroyl serotonin (3) and N-p-coumaroyl-tryptamine (4), were isolated from the roots of Phragmites australis. The structures of 1–4 were established on the basis of extensive spectroscopic. The absolute configuration of compounds 1–2 were identified through quantum-chemical electronic circular dichroism (ECD) calculation compared with their experimental CD. All the isolated compounds were tested for their cytotoxic activities against HeLa and MCF-7 human cancer cell lines,...

Four new resorcinol derivatives with neuroprotective activities from Xylaria nigripes

Lan-Qing Li, Jing Li, Hong-Ping Long, Ji-Kai Liu & Xian Wang
Four new resorcinol derivatives, namely (−)/(+)-xylarinig A (1), as well as xylarinigs B (2) and C (3), were isolated from the ethyl acetate extracts of the solid fermentation of Xylaria nigripes. Their structures were established by comprehensive spectroscopic analysis combined with electronic circular dichroism (ECD) calculations. Compound 1 is an optical mixture, and was resoluted into optical pure enatiomers (+)-1 and (−)-1 by chiral HPLC. The neuroprotective effects of 1–3 against the damage of PC12...

A new biflavonoids from Aster tataricus induced non-apoptotic cell death in A549 cells

Ting Chen, Peng Yang, Hai-jun Chen & Bin Huang
A new biflavonoids, (2R,2''R)-7-O-methyl-2,3,2'',3''-tetrahydrorobustaflavone (1), along with five known flavonoids (2-6) were isolated from the MeOH extract of Aster tataricus. Among them, compounds 1-2 were the C-3'-C-6'' type biflavonoids obtained from the genus Aster for the first time. The structures and absolute configurations of compound 1 was confirmed based on extensive spectroscopic and circular dichroism analyses. Compound 1 exhibited moderate cytotoxicity against seven human cancer A549, HepG2, PC3, DU145, MCF-7, LOVO and NCI-H1975 cell lines....

Three new sesquiterpenoid alkaloids from the roots of Tripterygium wilfordii and its cytotoxicity

Hong Liang Ye, Yan Liu, Juan Pan, Wei Guan, Yuan Liu, Xiao Mao Li, Si Yi Wang, Adnan Mohammed Algradi, Bing You Yang & Hai Xue Kuang
Three new sesquiterpenoid alkaloids, cangorin K (1), dimacroregelines C (2) and D (3), as well as two known sesquiterpenoids (4–5), were isolated from the roots of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f. The structures of new compounds were characterised by extensive 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopic analyses, as well as HRESIMS data, and the known compounds were established by 1 D NMR spectra referring to the literatures. Cytotoxicity evaluation of these compounds against two human tumour lines...

Two new pyridine derivatives and two new furan derivatives from Irpex lacteus

Qiong Chen, Meng Wang, Xue-Wen Yi, Zheng-Hui Li, Tao Feng & Ji-Kai Liu
Two undescribed disubstituted pyridine derivatives irpexidines A and B (1 and 2) and two undescribed alkylfuran derivatives irpexins K and L (3 and 4) were isolated from fermentation broth of Irpex lacteus. Their structures were established by extensive spectroscopic methods. The pyridine derivatives from this fungus were reported for the first time. The new compounds were evaluated for their cytotoxicity against Hela cancer cell and inhibitory activity on NO production.

Dolominol a and B, two new neolignans from Dolomiaea souliei (Franch.) C.Shih

Man Yi, Fan-Cheng Meng, Shen-Yue Qu, Jing-Xin Mao, Guowei Wang, Mingxing Liu, Zhi-Hua Liao & Min Chen
Two new neolignans, dolominol A (1) and dolominol B (2), together with 12 known lignans, erythro-(7S,8R)-guaiacyl-glycerol-β-O-4′-dihydroconiferyl ether (3), threo-(7R,​8R)-1-​(4-​hydroxy-​3-​methoxyphenyl)​-​2-{4-[(E)-​3-​hydroxy-​1-​propen​yl)​]-​2-​methoxyphenoxy}-1,​3-​propanediol (4), (-)-dihydrodehydrodiconiferyl alcohol (5), (-)-massoniresinol (6), vladinol D (7), syringaresinol (8), prinsepiol (9), medioresinol (10), (+)-pinoresinol (11), 2α-guaicyl-4-oxo-6α-catechyl-3,7-dioxabicyclo [3.3.0]octane (12), cycloolivil (13), isolariciresinol (14) were isolated from Dolomiaea souliei (Franch.) C.Shih. Their structures were determined by UV, CD, HR-ESI-TOFMS, 1 D and 2 D NMR experiments. Their hepatoprotective effect against LPS-induced L-02 cells injury was also...

A new alkaloid from Portulaca oleracea L. and its anti-inflammatory activity

Fangxuan Liu, Xinyu Cui, Yang Duan, Shengnan Guo, Jinpeng Liu & Xixiang Ying
A new alkaloid, identified as (E)-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-(pyridazin-3-yl)-acrylaldehyde, named oleradazine, was isolated from Portulaca oleracea L., and the structure was elucidated using spectroscopic methods, including 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopic and UHPLC-ESI-QTOF/MS methods. In addition, the compound was used to investigate its anti-inflammatory activity in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated macrophages. It was suggested that the oleradazine can significantly inhibit the inflammatory factors, interleukin 1β and nitric oxide in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays.

Quercetin alleviates chronic renal failure by targeting the PI3k/Akt pathway

Haitao Tu, Duanhua Ma, Yuanyuan Luo, Shuifu Tang, Ying Li, Gangyi Chen, Liangliang Wang, Zhengkun Hou, Chuangpeng Shen, Huan Lu, Xun Zhuang & Liangyou Zhang
Chronic renal failure (CRF) threatens human health greatly and attracts worldwide concerns of health professionals in the public health sector. In our preliminary study, we found that Compound capsule (Shengqing Jiangzhuo Capsule, SQJZJN) had a significant therapeutic effect on CRF. Quercetin is one of the main components of this Compound capsule. In this study, we investigated the effect of Quercetin monomer on CRF and the regulation of PI3k/Akt pathway. Network pharmacology analysis methods were employed...

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