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Nurses' self-care strategies: A mapping review protocol

Laura Gantt & Amanda Haberstroh
The aim of this review is to provide a map of the literature identifying studies that seek to answer the following question: what self-care strategies do nurses find most effective in allowing them to continue practicing as nurses? To accomplish this, the mapping review will utilize broad search strategies across several databases and within high-impact nursing journals.

Applying Interpretation Principles to a Non-Western (Japanese) Training Context

Naoko Yamada, Jeffrey Skibins & Betty Weiler

Parental distress and research study attrition in the neonatal intensive care unit

Seohyun Cho
Longitudinal studies of parental distress in the NICU have helped describe the scope of this problem, but their conclusions have often been limited by high rates of attrition and the resulting possibility of sample selection bias. For example, recent studies of parental distress that enrolled parents while their infant was hospitalized in the NICU have cited attrition rates of 7%-24% from initial enrollment to the final follow-up. It is unclear how attrition in these studies...

Librarians and authorship issues survey

Jamie Bloss, Kerry Sewell, Jana Schellinger & Amanda Haberstroh

Beach replenishment: ecosystem disturbance, equilibrium, restoration, and recovery

Paul Paris
Project data, Jupyter notebook to generate Figure 1, and other materials associated with manuscript: "Beach replenishment: ecosystem disturbance, equilibrium, restoration, and recovery".

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