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Green Light for Grey Literature? Orphan Works, Web-Archiving and other Digitization Initiatives – Recent Developments in U.S. Copyright Law and Policy

Tomas Lipinski
This paper reviews recent legislative and case developments in the area of copyright law affecting the collection, preservation including digitization and dissemination of grey literature. Alternative frameworks for crafting a legislative solution to impediments the copyright present to these uses are discussed. This includes review of pending legislation targeting the problem of so-called “orphan works” offering a limitation on the monetary damages or injunctive relief the copyright owner may be granted and another pending proposal...

Innovation and Growth with Financial, and Other, Frictions

Jonathan Chiu, Cesaire Meh & Randall Wright
The generation and implementation of ideas, or knowledge, is crucial for economic performance. We study this process in a model of endogenous growth with frictions. Productivity increases with knowledge, which advances via innovation, and with the exchange of ideas from those who generate them to those best able to implement them (technology transfer). But frictions in this market, including search, bargaining, and commitment problems, impede exchange and thus slow growth. We characterize optimal policies to...

Market Structure and the Diffusion of E-Commerce: Evidence from the Retail Banking Industry

Jason Allen, Robert Clark & Jean-François Houde
This paper studies the role that market structure plays in affecting the diffusion of electronic banking. Electronic banking (and electronic commerce more generally) reduces the cost of performing many types of transactions for firms. The full benefits for firms from adoption, however, only accrue once consumers begin to perform a significant share of their transactions online. Since there are learning costs to adopting the new technology firms may try to encourage consumers to go online...

Will it Unblend?

Yuval Pinter, Cassandra L. Jacobs & Jacob Eisenstein

Price Competition and Concentration in Search and Negotiation Markets: Evidence from Mortgage Lending

Jason Allen, Robert Clark & Jean-François Houde
This paper examines the impact of bank consolidation on mortgage rates in order to evaluate the extent to which mortgage markets are competitive. Mortgage markets are decentralized and so rates are determined through a search and negotiation process. The primary effect of a merger therefore is to reduce the number of partners available with whom to negotiate, although it can also change the characteristics of the product, and impact the search effort of consumers. Using...

Internally Generated Conscious Activity: Reflections upon (lucid) dreaming, mind-wandering and meditation. An interview with Benjamin Baird by Matthieu Koroma.

Benjamin Baird & Matthieu Koroma
Certain conscious states such as dreaming reveal that conscious activity can be to a large extent internally generated rather than being driven by sensory stimuli. this interview, psychologist and neuroscientist Benjamin Baird discusses the developments of scientific research on these conscious phenomena including dreaming, mind-wandering and meditation and how they interrelate. Lucid dreaming, the ability to become aware that one is dreaming while in a dream, is highlighted as a unique way to gain experimental...

Discounting in Mortgage Markets

Jason Allen, Robert Clark & Jean-François Houde
This paper studies discounting in mortgage markets. Using transaction-level data on Canadian mortgages, we document that over time there's been an increase in the average discount, along with substantial dispersion. The standard explanation for dispersion in credit markets is that lenders engage in risk-based pricing. Our setting is unique since contracts are guaranteed by government-backed insurance, meaning risk cannot be the main driver of dispersion. We find that mortgage rates depend on individual, contractual, and...

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