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Tax-Time Saving and the Earned Income Tax Credit: Results from Online Field and Survey Experiments

Mathieu Despard

Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Laboratory Spring 2018 Kivitz Progress Report

Griffin Kivitz

Using BNC as Bioplasmonic Sensors

Liz Jahng

Accented Models: Evaluating their effectiveness in Building Energy Simulation

Gary Hu

Study and Design Process of Solar PV system

Jiabin Liu

Comprehensive Roadmap and Review of Building Energy Modeling (BEM)

Nkiru Udenze

Micromechanical Testing and Characterization of Westerly Granite

Katharine Padilla

Machine Learning Database for Bulk Metallic Glasses

David Robinson

Automated small-scale plant imaging system

Sylvia Tan

Survey of Computer-Aided Engineering Software for Mechanical Design

Sylvia Tan

Efficiency from Added Control and Root Cut Out in Infinite Blade Rotorcraft

Brian Mincks

Donahue Independent Study; Collection of Aerodynamic Stability and Control Lecture Notes

Daniel Donahue

Droplet Condensation and Actuation via Surface Acoustic Waves on Lubricant Infused Surfaces

Mitry Anderson

Knee Joint Peri-articular Hardware Sawbones Study

Sharon Park

Improved Pill Splitter: An Analysis of 3&4-Point Bending to Split Pills

Isaac Sasser

Kinematics and Kinetics of Capacitated and Non-Capacitated Mouse Sperm

Alicia Gupte

Calculating Drag and Moments in an Unsteady Free Stream Using Unified Airloads Theory

William Hurley

Water Droplet Condensation on Lubricant-Infused Surfaces in a Vacuum Chamber

Wonsang Lee

Collapsing Frame Concept for a Manually Powered Portable Treadmill

Nolan Knapp

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