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MEMS Independent Study: how to increase the rate of creating elastin

Abigail Jaeger

Color Vision Deficiency and Plasmonic nanostructures

Jiaqi Wang

Financial Facts: SEED OK Child Development Accounts at Age 14

Margaret Clancy, Sondra Beverly, Mark Schreiner, Jin Huang & Michael Sherraden

Skull Shape Affects Susceptibility to Traumatic Brain Injury

Kashyap Arcot

Lane Change Strategy for Autonomous Vehicle

Shiyu Xing

Application of a Diverging-Converging Duct to a FSAE Radiator System

Bryce Thomas

Realistic Additions to MATLAB Simulation of Active Particles in an Acoustic Field

Emily Ma

Characterize the Wettability of Graphene

Shuhan Zhang

Numerical Investigation of Wind Turbine Airfoils under Clean and Dusty Air Conditions

Siyuan Chen

Fabrication of paraffin wax particles with diameter 100 um

Sida Xue

Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogels

Payal Hukeri

Characterization of Novel Adhesive For Use As Topical Hemostatic Agent

Mae Hubel

A New One Equation Turbulence Model Based on k-ε Closure with Elliptic Blending


Specimen Preparation and Surface Analysis

Angelo Hawa

Exploration of Drug Therapies for Post-Traumatic Elbow Joint Contracture

Ishani Shah

Observing microstructural heterogeneities in bulk metallic glass

Jordan Hu

Interfacial Transport Modeling Through Use of MatLab and Surface Evolver

Benjamin Gaffney

Optimizing Nanoscale Heat Transfer for Novel Applications

Gonzalo Berluzconi

Validating an Open-Source UVLM Solver for Analyzing Flapping Wing Flight

Cameron Urban

Automatic Chain Cleaner

Daniel Cherenson

Induced Flow in Coaxial Rotor Systems

Andrew Bergantz

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