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Metallic Glass Composites-Understanding Nucleation and Growth

Ryogo Suzuki

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Blalock-Taussig Shunt

Thomas Hess

Electrodeposition of Boron Fiber

Michelle Heredia

Graphene Oxide - Gold Nanostar based sensor for chemiresistor and SERS sensing

Justin Bae

Mechanical Testing of Visocelastic Alginate Hydrogels

Humza Ismail

Curvature Effects and Flow Uniformity Optimization of a Blood Microchannel

Christopher Nassau

ASME Student Design Competition 2020

Anthony Acosta

Dynamic Tasks and Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Elizabeth Saliba

Effect of Recycling on the Material Properties of Three-Dimension Printer Filament

Martin Valkov

Fabrication and Analysis of SOCAL Surfaces

Angelo Hawa

Computational Time Optimization in Airwake Vortex Mapping for Rotorcraft Flight Simulators

Ethan Genter

Viscoelasticity and Spectral Analysis with Tikhonov Regularization

Ethan Hoppe

Textile Dispenser

Sabrina Nguyen

Design Considerations for HVAC Systems in Wide-Body Commercial Aircraft

Reuben Smith

Religion/Science Conflict and COVID-19

Chad Miller & Clara Wilkins
We are interested in how beliefs about conflict between religion and science predict a number of outcomes. We developed measures to assess that conflict and wanted to differentiate that conflict based on which entity (science or religion) that the conflict stems from. We figured that one could feel that both science and religion are at conflict with each other, that only science (and its proponents) is at conflict with religion, that only religion (and its...

Employee Financial Wellness Programs: Promising New Benefit for Frontline Workers?

Mathieu Despard

Employee Financial Wellness Programs: Tips for Employers

Sloane Wolter

Disparate financial assistance support for small business owners

Sophia Fox-Ditchter, Daniel Auguste, Mathieu Despard & Michal Grinstein-Weiss

CSWE Recommendations for Social Work Educators and Social Workers

Kaleigh Edwards

Innovation within Education: Teaching and Scaling Engineering Design

Nicholas Okafor

Artery tortuosity measurements through MRI image analysis

Shawn Pavey

Strain engineering in perovskite

Xucheng Tao

Labview Applications for Quantum Mass Spectroscopy

Michelle Heredia

Micromechanical Characterization of Westerly Granite

Katharine Padilla

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