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Higher State Predictions of Coaxial Rotor Helicopters Using XGBoost Gradient Boosted Trees

Ethan Genter

Aerosolization, Intubation, and Respiration (AIR) Seal

Halle Lowe

Machine Learning Applications with Qupath in Histopathology

Bianca Lang

Employee Financial Wellness Programs: Tips for Providers

Jenna Hampton

A New Extension of Wray-Agarwal Wall Distance Free Turbulence Model to Rough Wall Flows

Tianshu Wen

Redesigning a Bilateral Grip Strength Device for Assessing Forelimb Function in Rodents

Griffin Kivitz

Optimization of Synthesis method to Higher Performance NVP –Independent Study Report

He Zhou

Potential Graft Materials for ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Matthew Jenkins

Electrochemical Cell Design and Experimental Setup for Passive Two-Phase Cooling

Jordan Patterson

Joshua Miller MEMS Independent Study Report – Fall 2019

Joshua Miller

Matrix stiffness and confinement influence YAP localization in clustered epithelial cells

Samila Nasrollahi

Learning Abaqus for Master's thesis project

Eric Yoon

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of an Idealized Modern Wingsuit

Maria Ferguson

The Effects of Elastase Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Bovine Tendon

James Abraham

Design Considerations of an FSAE Steering System

John McRae

Simulation of V-Shaped Formation Flight Using Ptera Software

Cameron Urban

Continued study on finite element models of flagella

Gary Hu

Validation and Optimization of Ptera Software: An Open-Source Unsteady Simulator for Flapping Wings

Cameron Urban

Characterization of Ultrasonic Precursor Solution Spraying for Battery Material Synthesis

Patrick Champlin

Independent Study: Microfluidic Channel for Acoustic Particle Manipulation

Stefanie Shahan

Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) for Wall Modeled Large Eddy Simulation (WMLES) Model

Zuoxian Hou

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