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Anthraquinones with potential antiproliferative activities from the fruits of Morinda citrifolia

Zhang-Yang Shen, Ying-Ying Zhao, Ze-Hua Qiao, Zhen Xie, Ruo-Qing Guan, Ze-Yu Liu, Yan-Ping Liu, Guang-Ying Chen & Yan-Hui Fu
The phytochemical investigation on the fruits of Morinda citrifolia led to the isolation and characterization of a new anthraquinone, moricitrifone (1), along with seven known anthraquinones (2–8). The chemical structure of 1 was elucidated by extensive spectral analyses. The known compounds (2–8) were identified by comparing their spectral data with those reported in the literature. The antiproliferative activities of all isolated anthraquinones (1–8) against five human cancer cell lines: HL-60, SMMC-7721, A-549, MCF-7 and SW480...

Determination of Volatiles in Flue-Cured Tobacco by Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC–MS) with Chemometrics

Dawei Qi, Yan Zhou, Jiale Wang, Ting Fei, Da Wu & Jie Lu
This study reports the utilization of two-step headspace (HS) to profile the volatile compounds of flue-cured tobacco. The relationship between the volatile components and geographic origin was investigated using multivariate data analysis. To avoid the impact of adsorption caused by tobacco on the HS extraction, the tobacco was soaked by saturated NaCl solutions prior to the HS sampling. However, the introduction of water vapor may affect the subsequent gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) analysis. Thus, two-step...

Kinesin family member 3C (KIF3C) is a novel non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) oncogene whose expression is modulated by microRNA-150-5p (miR-150-5p) and microRNA-186-3p (miR-186-3p)

Haiwang Liu, Ran Liu, Meiling Hao, Xing Zhao & Chunhui Li
This study is aimed at investigating the biological function of kinesin family member 3 C (KIF3C) in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) progression and its upstream regulatory mechanism. Quantitative real-time PCR, Western blot and immunohistochemistry were adopted to examine microRNA-150-5p (miR-150-5p), microRNA-186-3p (miR-186-3p) and kinesin family member 3 C (KIF3C) expression levels. NSCLC cell proliferation, migration, and invasion were detected through cell counting kit-8 (CCK-8) assay, EdU assay, and Transwell assay. The metastasis of NSCLC...

Comparison of the accelerating effect of graphene oxide and graphene on anaerobic transformation of bisphenol F by Pseudomonas sp. LS

Hong Lu, Jingyi Li, Ze Fu, Xiaolei Wang, Jiti Zhou & Jing Wang
It was found that bisphenol F (BPF) could be anaerobically transformed to 4,4-dihydroxybenzophenone using nitrate as an electron acceptor by Pseudomonas sp. LS. However, BPF removal was a slow process under anaerobic conditions. In the present study, effects of graphene oxide (GO) and graphene on the anaerobic transformation of BPF were studied in detail. Results showed that GO (2–10 mg/L) and graphene (2–20 mg/L) could increase the anaerobic biotransformation rate of BPF. For GO-mediated system,...

Development and assessment of the efficacy and safety of human lung-targeting liposomal methylprednisolone crosslinked with nanobody

Dong Weng, Zhao-Fang Yin, Shan-Shan Chen, Xian He, Nan Li, Tao Chen, Hui Qiu, Meng-Meng Zhao, Qin Wu, Nian-Yu Zhou, Li-Qin Lu, Dan-Li Tang, Jia-Cui Song & Hui-Ping Li
Glucocorticoid (GC) hormone has been commonly used to treat systemic inflammation and immune disorders. However, the side effects associated with long-term use of high-dose GC hormone limit its clinical application seriously. GC hormone that can specifically target the lung might decrease the effective dosage and thus reduce GC-associated side effects. In this study, we successfully prepared human lung-targeting liposomal methylprednisolone crosslinked with nanobody (MPS-NSSLs-SPANb). Our findings indicate that MPS-NSSLs-SPANb may reduce the effective therapeutic dosage...

Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract regulates lipid metabolism of the American eel (Anguilla rostrata)

Yue Wang, Xue-hao Chen, Guo-he Cai & Shao-wei Zhai
The current study was aimed to examine the effect of grape seed proanthocyanidin extract (GSPE) on regulating lipid metabolism of American eels. A total of six cement tanks of fish were randomly divided into a control group fed with a commercial diet and a GSPE group fed with a commercial diet supplemented 400 mg/kg GSPE. There were three replicates in each group. Results suggested that GSPE could decrease the levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, and...

An analysis of the optimal intrusion force of the maxillary central incisor with root horizontal resorption using the finite element method and curve fitting

Xin Zhang, Min-Qi Li, Jie Guo, Heng-Wei Yang, Jian Yu & Guo-Ju Li
There are no studies on the optimal intrusion force in orthodontic patients with the existing root resorption (RR). The study aimed to analyze the optimal intrusion force for central incisors with existing horizontal root resorption using the finite element method (FEM). We calculated the optimal intrusion force using the finite element method and curve fitting. We found that with the increase of the maxillary central incisor’s root horizontal resorption length, the optimal intrusion force interval’s...

N-terminal prohormone B-type natriuretic peptide variability acts as a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with cardiorenal syndrome type 2

Mingming Ma, Qiao Luo, Xiangnan Dong, Shuang Cui, Berthold Hocher, Shufei Zeng, Wenxue Liang, Qiang Li, Xiaoyi Chen, Xin Chen, Yu Meng, Yongping Lu, Deguang Yang & Lianghong Yin
This study aims to explore the effect of N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) variability (mean absolute difference of the log2 NT-proBNP level measured in hospital) on the prognosis of patients with cardiorenal syndrome (CRS) type 2. Patients with CRS type 2 were retrospectively included. The varied NT-proBNP indications were analyzed. They were NT-proBNP I(pre-treatment), NT-proBNP II(post-treatment), NT-proBNP II/I, ΔNT-proBNP, log2 (NT-proBNP) variability and mean log2 (NT-proBNP). A logistic regression model and survival curves (Kaplan–Meier analysis)...

Knock-down of microRNA miR-556-5p increases cisplatin-sensitivity in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) via activating NLR family pyrin domain containing 3 (NLRP3)-mediated pyroptotic cell death

Feng Shi, Luquan Zhang, Xing Liu & Yue Wang
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that are closely associated with cancer progression and drug resistance, however, up until now, the involvement of miR-556-5p in regulating cisplatin-sensitivity in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has not been studied. In the present study, we found that miR-556-5p was significantly upregulated in the cisplatin-resistant NSCLC (CR-NSCLC) patients’ tissues and cells, instead of the corresponding cisplatin-sensitive NSCLC (CS-NSCLC) tissues and cells. Further experiments validated that knock-down of miR-556-5p suppressed...

sj-pdf-1-ajs-10.1177_03635465211030259 – Supplemental material for Quadriceps Tendon Autograft Versus Bone–Patellar Tendon–Bone and Hamstring Tendon Autografts for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Wenli Dai, Xi Leng, Jian Wang, Jin Cheng, Xiaoqing Hu & Yingfang Ao
Supplemental material, sj-pdf-1-ajs-10.1177_03635465211030259 for Quadriceps Tendon Autograft Versus Bone–Patellar Tendon–Bone and Hamstring Tendon Autografts for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis by Wenli Dai, Xi Leng, Jian Wang, Jin Cheng, Xiaoqing Hu and Yingfang Ao in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

POU class 2 homeobox associating factor 1 (POU2AF1) participates in abdominal aortic aneurysm enlargement based on integrated bioinformatics analysis

Jinze Meng, Hao Wen, Xintong Li, Boyang Luan, Shiqiang Gong, Jie Wen, Yifei Wang & Lei Wang
Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is life-threatening, its natural course is progressively sac expansion and rupture. Elegant studies have been conducted to investigate the molecular markers associated with AAA growth and expansion, this topic however, still needs to be further elucidated. This study aimed to identify potential genes for AAA growth and expansion based on comprehensive bioinformatics approaches. Firstly, 29 up-regulated genes were identified through DEGs analysis between large AAA and small AAA in GSE57691. Secondly,...

Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, and validity of the Chinese version of the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-Adult Hearing Loss

Ying Yang, Yulu Liu, Yanan Xiao, Lianchi Zhang, Yan Li, Hong Zhu & Jin Bian
Few mental health assessment tools are available for people with hearing loss (HL) in China. The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-Adult Hearing Loss (AAQ-AHL) has been specifically designed to assess psychological inflexibility in adults with HL and may help assess mental health status promptly for targeted psychological interventions. The study aimed to investigate the cross-cultural validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the AAQ-AHL to assess its applicability to teenagers and adults with HL in...

β-galactosidase GALA from Bacillus circulans with high transgalactosylation activity

Yaru Yan, Weishi Guan, Xiaoyi Li, Kaier Gao, Xinxin Xu, Bo Liu, Wei Zhang & Yuhong Zhang
β-galactosidase catalyzes lactose hydrolysis and transfers reactions to produce prebiotics such as galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) with potential applications in the food industry and pharmaceuticals. However, there is still a need for improved transgalactosylation activity of β-galactosidases and reaction conditions of GOS production in order to maximize GOS output and reduce production costs. In this study, a β-galactosidase gene, galA, from Bacillus circulans was expressed in Pichia pastoris, which not only hydrolyzed lactose but also had strong...

Alterations of oral microbiota in patients with panic disorder

Zunli Xie, Weiqing Jiang, Mingzhu Deng, Wei Wang, Xian Xie, Xia Feng, Yinping Shi, Xueyan Zhang, Dong Song, Ziyu Yuan & Yonggang Wang
The main characteristics of panic disorder (PD) include recurrent panic attacks and persistent worry, accompanied by other physical and cognitive symptoms. While recent studies have revealed that gut bacteria play an important role in anxiety and depression, little is known about the relationship between oral microbiota and PD. Therefore, the objective of this study was to explore a possible correlation between oral microbiota and PD. We conducted 16S rRNA sequencing to compare differences in the...

Ensemble and calibration multiply robust estimation for quantile treatment effect

Xiaohong He & Lei Wang
Quantile treatment effects can be important causal estimands in the evaluation of biomedical treatments or interventions for health outcomes such as birthweight and medical cost. However, the existing estimators require either a propensity score model or a conditional density vector model is correctly specified, which is difficult to verify in practice. In this paper, we allow multiple models for propensity score and conditional density vector, then construct a class of calibration estimators based on multiple...

Trypanosoma evansi evades host innate immunity by releasing extracellular vesicles to activate TLR2-AKT signaling pathway

Ran Wei, Xin Li, Xiaocen Wang, Nan Zhang, Yuru Wang, Xichen Zhang, Pengtao Gong & Jianhua Li
Surra, one of the most important animal diseases with economic consequences in Asia and South America, is caused by Trypanosoma evansi. However, the mechanism of immune evasion by T. evansi has not been extensively studied. In the present study, T. evansi extracellular vesicles (TeEVs) were characterized and the role of TeEVs in T. evansi infection were examined. The results showed that T. evansi and TeEVs could activate TLR2-AKT pathway to inhibit the secretions of IL-12p40,...

Platelet-leukocyte aggregates – a predictor for acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery

Shenghan Yang, Xunbei Huang, Juan Liao, Qin Li, Si Chen, Chaonan Liu, Liqin Ling & Jing Zhou
Acute kidney injury (AKI) is one of the most common complications after cardiac surgery. However, effective biomarker used for early diagnosis of AKI has not been identified. Platelet-leukocyte aggregates (PLAs) participate in inflammation and coagulation, leading to vascular lesions and tissue destruction. We designed a prospective study to assess whether PLAs can serve as a good biomarker for early diagnosis of AKI after cardiac surgery. Patients with rheumatic heart disease scheduled to undergo valve replacement...

Synthesis and anti-proliferative activities of 5,6,7-trimethoxyflavones and their derivatives

Liang Su, Wei Li, Kexiong Liu & Qiuan Wang
A series of 5,6,7-trimethoxyflavones 1a-1g and their derivatives 2a-2g, 3a-3d, 4 and 5, including the natural products 5,6,7-trimethoxy-4’-hydroxyflavone (1a), 5,6,7,3’,4’ -pentamethoxyflavone (sinensetin, 1 b), 5,6,7-trimethoxy-3’,4’-methyl enedioxy flavone (1c), 5,6,7,3’-tetramethoxy-4,5’-methylenedioxyflavone (1e), 5,6,7, 3’,4’,5’-hextamethoxyflavone (1 g), 5-hydroxy-3,4,2’,3’,4’-pentamethoxy chal-cone (2 b), 5,4’-dihydroxy-6,7-dimethoxy flavone (cirsimaritin, 3a) and 5-hydroxy-6,7,3’, 4’-tetramethoxyflavone (5-demethylsinensetin, 3 b), 3,5,6,7,3’,4’-hexamethoxyflavone (3-methoxysinensetin, 4) and 5’-hydroxy-3,6,7,3’,4’-pentamethoxyflavone (5) were synthesized. Their anti-proliferative activity in vitro was evaluated against a panel of four human cancer cell lines (Aspc-1, HCT-116, HepG-2...

Facile design of lidocaine-loaded polymeric hydrogel to persuade effects of local anesthesia drug delivery system: complete in vitro and in vivo toxicity analyses

Yan Li, Erxian Zhao, Li Li, Liying Bai & Wei Zhang
The principal goal of the present investigation was to enterprise new and effective drug delivery vesicle for the sustained delivery of local anesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride (LDC), using a novel combination of copolymeric hydrogel with tetrahydroxyborate (COP–THB) to improve bioactivity and therapeutic potential. To support this contention, the physical and mechanical properties, rheological characteristics, and component release of candidate formulations were investigated. An optimized formulation of COP–THB containing LDC to an upper maximum concentration of 1.5%...

Single-machine scheduling with energy generation and storage systems

Hyun-Jung Kim, Eun-Seok Kim, Jun-Ho Lee, Lixin Tang & Yang Yang
This paper considers a single-machine scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times and energy-generation and storage systems. Each job requires a sequence-dependent setup to be processed on the machine, and both setup and processing of the job require job-dependent amounts of energy. The energy consumed by the machine can be bought from an Electric Power Company (EPC) or generated by own Distributed Energy Resource (DER), such as solar photovoltaic or wind, and the energy can be...

Special electromagnetic field-treated water and far-infrared radiation alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome in rats by regulating haptoglobin

Changyong Luo, Yan Li, Xu Liang, Yifan Chen, Qiao Zou, Yurong Kong, Zhengguang Guo, Wei Sun & Xin Wang
Special electromagnetic field-treated water (SEW) and far-infrared radiation (FIR) can reduce acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in rats inflicted by lipopolysaccharides (LPSs). However, little is known about its underlying molecular mechanism. Differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) of SEW and FIR interventions were obtained from a proteomics database. A total of 89 DEPs were identified. Enrichment analysis of DEPs was performed using the Database for Annotation, Visualization, and Integrated Discovery. These DEPs were associated with the responses...

Three new dihydroflavonols with free radical scavenging activity from Ribes himalense Royle ex Decne

Chuang Liu, Yuqing Lei, Gang Li, Chen Yuan, Yue Lv, Song Yu, Yun Shao & Jun Dang
Ribes himalense Royle ex Decne, a small shrub, is widely used as a Tibetan medicine in Chinese folk. In this study, three novel 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl inhibitors named Rihimaside A, Rihimaside B, and Rihimaside C, as well as one known 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl inhibitor, dihydromyricetin, were isolated from the leaves and stems of Ribes himalense Royle ex Decne using online high performance liquid chromatography-1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl activity screening system combined with medium and high-pressure liquid chromatography. All four 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl inhibitors are...

Supplemental Material, sj-pdf-1-ssc-10.1177_08944393211042575 - Strategic Framing Matters But Varies: A Structural Topic Modeling Approach to Analyzing China’s Foreign Propaganda About the 2019 Hong Kong Protests on Twitter

Maggie Mengqing Zhang, Xiao Wang & Yang Hu
Supplemental Material, sj-pdf-1-ssc-10.1177_08944393211042575 for Strategic Framing Matters But Varies: A Structural Topic Modeling Approach to Analyzing China’s Foreign Propaganda About the 2019 Hong Kong Protests on Twitter by Maggie Mengqing Zhang, Xiao Wang and Yang Hu in Social Science Computer Review

Ephedrine alleviates middle cerebral artery occlusion-induced neurological deficits and hippocampal neuronal damage in rats by activating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway

Lixian Huang, Bo Zhao, Qunxian Li, Jing Wu, Hui Jiang & Qingbin Li
Inflammation and oxidative stress are crucial in ischemic stroke. Ephedrine (EPH) has been proven to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative stress effects. The present study analyzes whether EPH possessed neuroprotective effects and explored the underlying mechanisms of EPH based on an experimental model of middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO). We found that intraperitoneal injection with EPH attenuated the neurological deficit, cerebral infarction, and cerebral edema induced by MCAO in rats. Besides, EPH treatment alleviated MCAO-induced brain...

Improved kth power expectile regression with nonignorable dropouts

Dongyu Li & Lei Wang
The kth (1<k≤ 2) power expectile regression (ER) can balance robustness and effectiveness between the ordinary quantile regression and ER simultaneously. Motivated by a longitudinal ACTG 193A data with nonignorable dropouts, we propose a two-stage estimation procedure and statistical inference methods based on the kth power ER and empirical likelihood to accommodate both the within-subject correlations and nonignorable dropouts. Firstly, we construct the bias-corrected generalized estimating equations by combining the kth power ER and inverse...

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