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In Their Own Words

Patricia Nola Eugene Roberson, Gina Cortez, Laura H. Trull & Katherine Allison Lenger
Introduction: The opioid epidemic is ravaging people, families, and communities in Appalachia. However, limited research has examined how “everyday” people (e.g., not chronic pain patients, not medical professionals) living in these communities how opioids have impacted their lives. Objective: Identify the perception of the opioid epidemic on individuals, families, and communities from people living in region most impacted regions. Methods: Patients were recruited at Remote Area Medical clinics throughout Central and Southern Appalachia to complete...

Adorno’s Critique of the New Right-Wing Extremism

Harry F. Dahms
This paper serves three purposes relating to a lecture Adorno gave in 1967 on “the new right-wing extremism” that was on the rise then in West Germany; in 2019, the lecture was published in print for the first time in German, to wide acclaim, followed by an English translation that appeared in 2020. First, it is important to situate the lecture in its historical and political context, and to relate it to Adorno’s status as...

Can Farmers and Bats Co-exist? Farmer Attitudes, Knowledge, and Experiences with Bats in Belize

Hannah G. Shapiro, Adam S. Wilcox, Mallory Tate & Emma V. Willcox
Bats (Chiroptera) are often viewed negatively by the public. Negative public perceptions of bats may hinder efforts to conserve declining populations. In Belize, the presence of vampire bats (Desmodus rotundus and Diphylla ecaudata) exacerbates the potential for conflicts with humans because of the increased rabies transmission risks. To mitigate these risks, the Belize government provides farmers with assistance to trap and remove vampire bats. In June 2018, we surveyed farmers (n = 44) in and...

Seeking Care at Free Episodic Health Care Clinics in Appalachia

Malerie Lazar, Sandra Thomas & Lisa Davenport
Background: People who live in rural Appalachia experience a wide variety of problems when seeking access to health care. Health care disparities continue to be one of the most complex and prevalent problems, and many barriers exist for impoverished men and women such as a lack of education, complications with health insurance, and personal distrust of healthcare providers. Purpose: A critical gap in the literature is the unheard voice of persons in rural underserved areas....

ORNL – SAFEGUARDS AND SECURITY: The Global producers of the 8 radionuclides of particular security concern

James Carman
Co-authored together with A. Creel, S. Milewski, J. Staub, and A. Woofter. The scope of this assignment was to identify research and production nuclear reactors that are producers of significant quantities of eight specific radionuclides that are of security concern: Americium241; Californium-252; Cesium-137; Cobalt-60; Iridium-192; Plutonium-238; Radium-226; and Strontium-90, by Mr. David Lambert, the Program Co-Manager of the Material Protection, Control, and Accounting Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Nuclear Nonproliferation Programs. The ultimate goal...

Assessing Student Learning and Development in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Terrell L. Strayhorn & Amy J. Colvin

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