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Just Popular Entertainment or Longing for a Posthuman Eden?

Stephanie Bender
In the context of the ecological crisis, tales of the apocalypse have become a regular feature of the contemporary cultural imaginary, be it in popular feature films, non-fictional texts, or dystopian novels. Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy (2004 [2003], 2010 [2009], 2014 [2013]) investigates this curious form of entertainment both by employing the template of the apocalypse itself and by reflecting on its cause and effect at the same time. The novels reveal how worlds and...

Oftmals durch den truck aus gangen oder: Eine methodische Perspektive zur Gruppierung und Interpretation gedruckter Chroniken des 16. Jahrhunderts

Pia Eckhart
In sixteenth-century Augsburg a number of plain German chronicles was published and repeatedly reprinted, revised and updated. In order to understand and evaluate similarities and differences between editions adequately, this article discusses criteria that allow us to classify print editions and to conceptualize them within an overarching category such as a ‘work’. The suggested focus on codicological evidence and layout offers advantages for recognizing similarities between different editions that an analysis limited on the textual...

4.4. Kommunikation im medizinischen Team

Mirjam Körner, Julia Haller & Sonja Becker
Kapitel des Online Lehrbuch der Medizinischen Psychologie und Medizinischen Soziologie

5.1. Gesundheitsförderung, Prävention und Rehabilitation

Julika Loss & Jürgen Bengel
Kapitel im Online Lehrbuch der Medizinischen Psychologie und Medizinischen Soziologie

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