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Professionsorientierte Fachwissenschaft als Element der Allgemeinen Fachdidaktik

Eva-Maria Spiegelhalter
Konzepte der fachlichen Bildung sind Elemente einer Allgemeinen Fachdidaktik. Die Bedeutung fachlicher Bildung im Bildungsprozess ist bisher nicht eindeutig geklärt. Am Freiburg Advanced Center of Education (FACE) werden aktuell in den Domänen Germanistik, Romanistik und Theologie Lehrprojekte konzipiert, die eine professionsorientierte Fachwissenschaft fokussieren. Professionsorientierte Fachwissenschaft zielt auf den Aufbau eines fachwissenschaftlichen Wissens, das strukturell auf die spätere professionelle Tätigkeit ausgerichtet ist. Der Artikel arbeitet heraus, welchen Beitrag professionsorientierte Fachwissenschaft zum Konzept der fachlichen Bildung leistet,...

Saber trágico y sensibilidad melodramática Consideraciones preliminares y enfoques latinoamericanos

Hermann Herlinghaus

Eine affekttheoretische Betrachtung der #MeToo-Bewegung

Lioba Martin
In October 2017 the US-American actress Alyssa Milano called upon all women around the worldwith a Twitter statement to speak out about their experience with sexual violence. The #MeToo move-ment followed, an incisive event in the feminist movement to start a wide public discourse about sexu-al violence. However, building identification with a movement on the basis of pain that is assumed tobe collective, creates certain problems, which are analyzed in this paper from a perspective...

Fostering Reflection, Dialogue and Collaboration among Actors at the UN Climate Change Conferences

Kathleen Anne Mar, Carolin Fraude, Thomas Bruhn, Niko Schäpke, Dorota Stasiak, Heike Schroeder, Christine Wamsler & Mark Lawrence
At their core, the UN Climate Change conferences known as “COPs” are the primary international venue for negotiating how countries should act and cooperate to avoid dangerous climate change. The 2015 Paris Agreement is its most recent notable success. Although the climate negotiations are a state government-led process, the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) community has increasingly recognized the need for dialogue and engagement with non-governmental stakeholders in acknowledgement of the critical...

Octavio Paz, Carlos Castaneda y la búsqueda de otra dimensión de la realidad

Hermann Herlinghaus
pp. 91-106 This study is dedicated to the prologue Octavio Paz wrote for the second Mexican edition of Castaneda’s The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge (1968), entitled “La mirada anterior.” It discusses a problematic of great relevance for Paz which, however, was thoroughly underestimated by the major part of scholarly work on the Mexican author. At issue is Paz’ interest in psychoactive phenomena in relationship to cultural creation and, especially, regarding...

Mediating between qualitative and quantitative representations for task-orientated human-robot interaction.

Michael Brenner, John Kelleher, Nick Hawes & Jeremy Wyatt

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