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Sticky Aesthetics, Sticky Affect: Connecting through Queer Art

Amy Keating

Shaping the future: Policy shocks and the GDP growth distribution

Francois-Michel Boire, Thibaut Duprey & Alexander Ueberfeldt
"When central banks lower interest rates or governments boost spending during economic downturns, they aim to improve the outlook. But can those policies also change the risks around the outlook by, for example, avoiding the worst possible outcomes that may have only a small chance of occurring? To answer this, we build a new framework to empirically assess how monetary and fiscal policy influence the possibility of future GDP growth being stronger (upside risk) or...

Four Decades of Canadian Earnings Inequality and Dynamics Across Workers and Firms

Audra Bowlus, Émilien Gouin-Bonenfant, Huju Liu, Lance Lochner & Youngmin Park
We use four decades of Canadian matched employer-employee data to explore how inequality and the dynamics of individual earnings have evolved over time in Canada. We also examine how the earnings growth of individuals is related to the growth of their employers.

Are Counterparty Arrangements in Reinsurance a Threat to Financial Stability?

Matt Davison, Darrell Leadbetter, Bin Lu & Jane Voll
Interconnectedness among insurers and reinsurers at a global level is not well understood and may pose a significant risk to the sector, with implications for the macroeconomy. Models of the complex interactions among reinsurers and with other participants in the financial system and the real economy are at a very early stage of development. Parts of the market remain opaque to both regulators and market participants, particularly the counterparty arrangements among reinsurers through retrocession agreements....

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