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Interactional Diversity Opportunities Through Involvement: Fraternity and Sorority Student Leaders’ Experiences

Heather Porter

The influence of genderless appeal on preference for highly aesthetic products

Yi SU, Yunlu Yin & Ruoou Li
The experiment explores the moderating role of gender fluidity in the relationship between genderless appeals and preference for highly aesthetic products.

Stability and properties of substituted cobaltocenium

Sophya Garashchuk & Shehani Wetthasinghe
This page provides the bond dissociation energies (BDEs) of disubstituted cobaltocenium complexes and few other geometric and chemical properties such as dipole moment, Hirshfeld charge, polarizability, highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) and lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) energies of the complexes and their fragments.

Canadian Bank Notes and Dominion Notes: Lessons for Digital Currencies

Ben Fung, Scott Hendry & Warren E. Weber
This paper studies the period in Canada when both private bank notes and government-issued notes (Dominion notes) were simultaneously in circulation. Because both of these notes shared many of the characteristics of today's digital currencies, the experience with these notes can be used to draw lessons about how digital currencies might perform. The paper begins with a brief historical review of how these notes came into existence and of the regulations regarding their issuance. It...

The influence of genderless appeal on searching for aethetic attribute information

Yi SU, Yunlu Yin & Ruoou Li
an experiment preregisteration for the project — the influence of genderless appeal on searching for aethetic attribute information

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