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Understanding Trend Inflation Through the Lens of the Goods and Services Sectors

Yunjong Eo, Luis Uzeda & Benjamin Wong
Monetary policy is largely concerned with managing the part of inflation that is persistent (or permanent), a quantity often referred to as trend inflation. For example, a casual reading of any monetary policy report from the Federal Reserve Board will make it clear that, in addition to total (or headline) inflation, the Federal Reserve also focuses on underlying (or core) measures of inflation that exclude more volatile components such as food and energy prices. This...

An All-time Classic. Weber’s \"Protestant Ethic\"

Sascha O. Becker
Clearly, the quality of a truly path-breaking work – like Weber’s legacy – is that it makes others, and literally thousands of others, think and develop new ideas. Weber asked the right questions. Whether one agrees with his answers or not, he paved the way for many fields of research that became distinct disciplines.

Insights on the evolution of the Himalayas and Tibet from thermomechanical modelling: the role of long-term convergence

Ben S. Knight, Fabio A. Capitanio & Roberto F. Weinberg
Monash University, Australia

The collision of India and Eurasia has resulted in a broad range of structures, from the Himalayan chain to the Tibetan Plateau. The convergence history is characterised by velocities of > 10 cm/yr at collision to current velocities of ~5 cm/yr, of which ~2cm/yr are accommodated at the orogens' front. Our thermomechanical model simulates the collision of India and Eurasia to assess the role of the decrease in velocity, highlighting 4...

Socio-Economic Considerations and Potential Implications for Gene-Edited Crops

Karinne Ludlow, Stuart Smyth & Jose Falck-Zepeda

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  • 2021

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