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Connecting Practice

Kristal Buckley, Gwenaelle Bourdin & Leanna Wigboldus

Understanding Varied Attitudes Towards Muslims

Kevin Dunn, Rachel Sharples, Thierno M. O. Diallo, Alexia Derbas, Matteo Vergani, Craig McGarty, Fethi Mansouri, Yin Paradies & Amanuel Elias
The focus of this research was to determine the prevalence and type of Islamophobia in the Victorian population. Islamophobia sentiment feeds the actions of right-wing extremist attacks on Muslim communities. But it has also become widespread in Australian society, and normalised in everyday settings, such as our mainstream media. Islamophobia cannot be treated with a singular approach or mode of intervention. Our study comes at a critical time; it provides empirical evidence on the extent...

Rural Landscape Case Study from ICOMOS/IUCN Connecting Practice Project: Learning about resilience and sustainability from practical experience

Kristal Buckley, Gwenaelle Bourdin & Leanna Wigboldus
This paper will contribute a case study from the ICOMOS/IUCN Connecting Practice project that aims to develop new approaches to the recognition of interconnected character of natural and cultural values in heritage designation and management frameworks. Reflections on a case study from Phase III of this project (2018-2020) will focus on the natural and cultural systems that can support the resilience of agricultural and biocultural landscapes. Conducted in cooperation with the FAO (Food and Agriculture...

Beyond the 'war on nature' and the 'attackes on culture': the CultureNature Journey through Rural Landscapes

Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy, Haifaa Abdulhalim & Kristal Buckley
This session moves the discussion beyond the binary concepts of wilderness as a desired ideal state vs farmlands as tortured nature. We avoid the romanticisation of rural landscapes that permeates defensive positions around agriculture and take a critical look at rural landscapes through the lens of the CNJ. We seek robust discussion on the value of rural landscapes in nature conservation and the challenge of managing cultural values in a world increasingly embracing the mechanisation...

\"Principles Text\" in Action in Outstanding and Ordinary Landscapes

Nora Mitchell, Steve Brown, Lionella Scazzosi, Jane Lennon & Brenda Barrett

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