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Displaced and Invisible: Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Coverage in the US, UK, Ukrainian, and Russian Newspapers

Nataliya Roman, Anna Young & Stephynie Perkins

Pseudo-Precipitation: A Continuous Precipitation Variable

Huiling Yuan, Paul Schultz, Edward I. Tollerud, Dingchen Hou, Yuejian Zhu, Malequias Pena, Mike Charles & Zoltan Toth
NOAA Technical Memorandum OAR GSD ; 62

Effects of the macroalga Asparagopsis taxiformis and oregano leaves on methane emission, rumen fermentation, and lactational performance of dairy cows

H.A. Stefenoni, S.E. Räisänen, S.F. Cueva, D.E. Wasson, C.F.A. Lage, A. Melgar, M.E. Fetter, P. Smith, M. Hennessy, B. Vecchiarelli, J. Bender, D. Pitta, C.L. Cantrell, C. Yarish & A.N. Hristov
Asparagopsis taxiformis (AT) is a source of multiple halogenated compounds and, in a limited number of studies, has been shown to decrease enteric CH4 production in vitro and in vivo. Similarly, oregano has also been suggested as a potential CH4 mitigating agent. This study consisted of 2 in vitro and 2 in vivo experiments. Experiment 1 (Exp. 1) was aimed at establishing the effect of AT on total gas production and CH4 emission in vitro....

Teaching Philosophy to Non-Majors as a Form of Public Philosophy

Kristin Culbertson
This is a reflection on my experience teaching ethics as an introductory-level, general education requirement for non-majors and how I understand this as a form of public philosophy. I discuss the unique benefits that can come from teaching students who aren’t self-motivated in the field and the mindset I have adopted in order to maximize and appreciate these benefits. I discuss the teaching practices and principles I have adopted that have worked for me and...

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