p16 loss rescues functional decline of Brca1-deficient mammary stem cells

Alexandria Scott, Feng Bai, Ho Lam Chan, Shiqin Liu, Joyce M. Slingerland, David J. Robbins, Anthony J. Capobianco & Xin-Hai Pei
Recent evidence indicates that the accumulation of endogenous DNA damage can induce senescence and limit the function of adult stem cells. It remains elusive whether deficiency in DNA damage repair is associated with the functional alteration of mammary stem cells. In this article, we reported that senescence was induced in mammary epithelial cells during aging along with increased expression of p16Ink4a (p16), an inhibitor of CDK4 and CKD6. Loss of p16 abrogated the age-induced senescence...

Registration Year

  • 2017

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  • University of Miami
  • Shenzhen University Health Science Center