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Children’s experiences with cyberhate

Hana MacHackova, Catherine Blaya, Marie Bedrosova, David Smahel & Elisabeth Staksrud

Praca z uczniem zdolnym w czeskiej szkole

Jan Šťáva & Gabriela Věchtová

Determination of habitat requirements of the glacial relict Nuphar pumila as basis for successful (re-)introductions

Sabrina Keller, Manuel Babbi, Stefan Widmer, Jamyra Gehler, Sonja Hausmann, Christian Berg, Flavia Landucci, Patrick Schwager, Kateřina Šumberová & Jürgen Dengler
Nuphar pumilais a glacial relict, which is nowadays rare throughout Europe and red-listed in most European regions. In Switzerland only three autochthonous populations and one population of the hybrid with N. lutea (N. ×spenneriana) have survived to date, one of them in the canton of Zurich. To protect this species regionally, the canton of Zurich has commissioned the ex situ propagation of speci-mens, which then had been introduced to 37 water bodies in protected areas,...

The dry grasslands (Festuco-Brometea) of the North Caucasus: first data on numerical classification and biodiversity patterns

Denys Vynokurov, Tatiana Lysenko, Zoya Dutova, Dmitriy Shylnikov, Galina Doroshina, Irina Urbanavichene, Gennadii Urbanavichus & Nelly Tsepkova
The North Caucasus is still one of the least studied regions in Europe regarding syntaxonomy. We investigated dry grasslands in the central part of the North Caucasus, namely in the Stavropol Kray region of Russia. We sampled 47 vegetation plots (relevés) of 10 m2 size (3.16 × 3.16 m) at elevations from 470 to 1150 m a.s.l. To determine the scale-dependent species richness patterns, we recorded five nested-plot series of 0.0001 to 100 m² in...

Carpinus orientalis forests in Georgian Colchis: First insights

Pavel Novák, Vladimir Stupar & Veronika Kalníková
Colchis (Caucasus Ecoregion, Euxinian Province) is a region with unique Tertiary relict biota and high species and vegetation diversity. However, its vegetation has been only little studied by Braun- Blanquet methods so far. Based on original field data (20 phytosociological relevés), we describe a novel vegetation type of calciphilous and thermophilous Carpinus orientalis forests in western Geor- gia (Campanulo alliariifoliae-Carpinetum orientalis ass. nova). This species-rich community inhabits sunny limestone slopes and is developed under a...

Doświadczenia rodziców bardzo uzdolnionych dzieci przy wsparciu sukcesu w ich edukacji

Stanislav Střelec & Lenka Frimlová

Calcicolous rock-outcrop lime forests in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Western Pyrenees

Dominik Zukal & Idoia Biurrun
We present the first study of the forest vegetation dominated by Tilia platyphyllos growing on cal- careous rock outcrops in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula. This vegetation is confined to steep rocky slopes of mainly northern aspect in limestone areas. Based on a dataset of 53 relevés recorded during the summer of 2019 and compared with so far described associations of the order Aceretalia pseudoplatani (118 relevés), we describe the new association Helictotricho...

Update on maxima of fine-scale vascular plant species richness in a Transylvanian steppe meadow

Jan Roleček, Pavel Dřevojan, Petra Hájková, Irina Goia & Michal Hájek
We report new maxima of vascular plant species richness ever recorded in 10-m2 plots (115 and 110 species in two adjacent plots). Both come from a steppe meadow at a well-known site Valea Lui Craiu, located in the Fânaţele Clujului grassland complex close to the city of Cluj in Transylvania, Romania, where maximum values have been observed before. We also correct the previously pub-lished maximum of 106 species, which was recorded in a 10.9-m2 plot...

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