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Informal Science Education on the NASA Climate Change Website: Addressing the Challenge of Educating Diverse Audiences.

Connie Roser-Renouf, Teresa Myers & Edward Maibach

Documenting an Environmental Disaster: The River Valley Collection at Marion Public Library

Ian Fairclough
Marion Public Library (located in Marion, Ohio, 45 miles north of Columbus) serves as repository for a collection of documents produced in response to local concern about the incidence of leukemia and other ailments among the population. Former athletes at the River Valley High School, several miles east of town, were particularly at risk. Inquiries revealed that the school was built on a former WW II military site, and that the school's ballpark was above...

Valuing Cooperation and Constructive Controversy: A Tribute to David W. Johnson

Dean Tjosvold, Daniel Druckman, Roger Johnson, Karl Smith & Cary Roseth

Theory to Practice: Reflections on a Consulting Life

Daniel Druckman

Climate Matters in the Newsroom: A 2020 Census Survey of Society of Environmental Journalists Members

Edward W. Maibach, William A. Yagatich, Amanda C. Borth, Eryn Campbell, Shaelyn M. Patzer, Kristin Timm, Richard T. Craig &

Regulatory Science Education: The Need for Generalization

Alan Moghissi, Richard A. Calderone, Jean Pierre Auffret, Lisa Jaeger, Janice Longstreth, Dennis K. McBride, Tomoko Steen, David Harrison, Destini M. Garrison, Natalie M. McDaniel, Henry Debrah, Larissa J. Gloutak, Douglas G. Shumway, Deniek Turner, Griffin W. E. Woolley & Kerra F. Washington

How Do You Pay? The Role of Incentives at the Point-of-Sale

Carlos Arango, Kim Huynh & Leonard Sabetti
This paper uses discrete-choice models to quantify the role of consumer socioeconomic characteristics, payment instrument attributes, and transaction features on the probability of using cash, debit card, or credit card at the point-of-sale. We use the Bank of Canada 2009 Method of Payment Survey, a two-part survey among adult Canadians containing a detailed questionnaire and a three-day shopping diary. We find that cash is still used intensively at low value transactions due to speed, merchant...

The Impact of Retail Payment Innovations on Cash Usage

Ben S. C. Fung, Kim Huynh & Leonard Sabetti
Many predict that innovations in retail payment may render cash obsolete. We investigate this possibility in the context of recent payment innovations such as contactless-credit and stored-value cards. We apply causal inference methods on the 2009 Bank of Canada Method of Payment survey, a representative sample of adult Canadians’ shopping behaviour for retail consumption over a three-day period. We find that using contactless credit cards and stored-value cards lead to a reduction in average cash...

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