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Impact of target’s race and gender on judgments of social and moral norm violations.

Malik Boykin, Bertram Malle, Vincent Rice, Boyoung Kim & Salomi Aladia
We are preregistering an initial study intended to start a new research program. This study will help us determine how long the designed study takes, whether stimuli and measures are well received and show reasonable inter-judge agreement, what potential effect sizes might be for questions of interest and therefore what sample sizes are suitable for the first primary study. We are documenting the basic features of the study, some research questions of interest, some hypotheses,...

Analysis Scripts

Olivia Miske, Zachary Loomas, Nicole Pfeiffer & Eric Olson

TIER Protocol 4.0: Template

Norm Medeiros, Richard Ball & Teresa N Bui
This project is designed to support Haverford College economics majors who produce empirical theses. The structure is based on the TIER Documentation Protocol, version 4.0. Additional information about Project TIER is available at http://projecttier.org

nlrl project

Boyoung Kim

Cross-Group Threat Transfer

Karina Korostelina
This research seeks to develop a new theory of cross-group threat transfer, which conceptualizes how threats attributed to an outgroup can be transferred to other groups or to a broader social category. To test and further develop this theory, research will be conducted in the United States (U.S.) on two cases. The first case will examines the extent to which symbolic and realistic threats attributed to rioters who engaged in violence surrounding the summer 2020...

Lightning Talk Session E

Nicholas Fox, Keven Joyal-Desmarais, Pranujan Pathmendra, Dominique Roche, Simon Schwab & Joshua Wallach

Analysis Scripts

Eric Olson

OSF New Member Resources

Eric Olson
Resources to enable open science and OSF practices for institutions, projects, and scholars.

Peak-End Rule Meta-Analysis

Balca Alaybek, Reeshad Dalal & Shea Fyffe
This project includes the data files and the code that were used to conduct the meta-analysis entitled "All’s Well That Ends (and Peaks) Well? A Meta-Analysis of the Peak-End Rule and Duration Neglect." The "Peak-End Meta-Analysis Description of Files" document provides detailed information about the files included in this OSF project.

Daniel's Component

Daniel Steger
this is a project

Daniel's compoenent

Daniel Steger

Center for Open Science Impact Reports

Claire Riss, David Mellor, Nicole Pfeiffer, Tina Krall, Fielding Grasty, Eric Olson, Daniel Steger, Amanda Staller, Fitz Elliott, Timothy Errington, Matthew Frazier, Brian Nosek, Brian Geiger, Yuhuai Liu, Briana Wade, Lisa Shaw, Ronald Brooks, Blaine Butler, Doug Corell, Terry Foor, Andrew Tyner, Gretchen Gueguen, Nadja Oertelt, Whitney Wissinger, Olivia Lowrey … & David Litherland

OSF Institutions

Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Daniel Steger, Gretchen Gueguen & Nadja Oertelt
Collaborative space with resources and information for existing and potential members of the OSF Institutions community. Public components include an overview of the OSF Institutions product and community and information for new members. Areas will be added in the coming months to include resources to help members provide support, training, outreach, and marketing for OSF at their home institution as well as collaborative spaces for sharing resources and ideas. https://osf.io/ba3dy/

Regulatory Science Education: The Need for Generalization

Alan Moghissi, Richard A. Calderone, Jean Pierre Auffret, Lisa Jaeger, Janice Longstreth, Dennis K. McBride, Tomoko Steen, David Harrison, Destini M. Garrison, Natalie M. McDaniel, Henry Debrah, Larissa J. Gloutak, Douglas G. Shumway, Deniek Turner, Griffin W. E. Woolley & Kerra F. Washington

Climate Matters in the Newsroom: A 2020 Census Survey of Society of Environmental Journalists Members

Edward W. Maibach, William A. Yagatich, Amanda C. Borth, Eryn Campbell, Shaelyn M. Patzer, Kristin Timm, Richard T. Craig &

Valuing Cooperation and Constructive Controversy: A Tribute to David W. Johnson

Dean Tjosvold, Daniel Druckman, Roger Johnson, Karl Smith & Cary Roseth

Funder Mandates and Trends in Open Science

Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer & David Mellor
Research funders are requiring or strongly encouraging open and reproducible methods at increased rates, leading researchers to rely on more data management tools while institutions continue to provide services to support them. Research support staff adapt quickly to guide their stakeholders and provide resources, while administrators must find methods to determine adoption and success across the community. In this webinar, COS Director of Policy David Mellor will share an update on funder expectations like preregistration,...

Theory to Practice: Reflections on a Consulting Life

Daniel Druckman


Clark Kent

How Do You Pay? The Role of Incentives at the Point-of-Sale

Carlos Arango, Kim Huynh & Leonard Sabetti
This paper uses discrete-choice models to quantify the role of consumer socioeconomic characteristics, payment instrument attributes, and transaction features on the probability of using cash, debit card, or credit card at the point-of-sale. We use the Bank of Canada 2009 Method of Payment Survey, a two-part survey among adult Canadians containing a detailed questionnaire and a three-day shopping diary. We find that cash is still used intensively at low value transactions due to speed, merchant...

The Impact of Retail Payment Innovations on Cash Usage

Ben S. C. Fung, Kim Huynh & Leonard Sabetti
Many predict that innovations in retail payment may render cash obsolete. We investigate this possibility in the context of recent payment innovations such as contactless-credit and stored-value cards. We apply causal inference methods on the 2009 Bank of Canada Method of Payment survey, a representative sample of adult Canadians’ shopping behaviour for retail consumption over a three-day period. We find that using contactless credit cards and stored-value cards lead to a reduction in average cash...

Literature Review

Olivia Miske, Zachary Loomas, Nicole Pfeiffer & Eric Olson

Datacite test

Eric Olson
Datacite test

Interoperability Intersection: Partnerships in Open Science Infrastructure

Eric Olson
Enabling interoperability throughout the research lifecycle often aligns with or is a key component of the missions of open source tool providers. Even before the introduction of the FAIR framework, open source tools and infrastructure have emphasized opportunities to connect the systems and workflows that researchers rely on so that research communication can be faster, more efficient, and more secure. OSF, like many of our friends in the open science infrastructure space, is strengthened both...

Blame & Punishment Study

Boyoung Kim & Bertram Malle
Examine how illegality, severity, and intentionality of norm violations influence blame and punishment judgments.

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