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Eric Olson
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Interoperability Intersection: Partnerships in Open Science Infrastructure

Eric Olson
Enabling interoperability throughout the research lifecycle often aligns with or is a key component of the missions of open source tool providers. Even before the introduction of the FAIR framework, open source tools and infrastructure have emphasized opportunities to connect the systems and workflows that researchers rely on so that research communication can be faster, more efficient, and more secure. OSF, like many of our friends in the open science infrastructure space, is strengthened both...

Blame & Punishment Study

Boyoung Kim & Bertram Malle
Examine how illegality, severity, and intentionality of norm violations influence blame and punishment judgments.

OSF API Member Webinar

Eric Olson, Daniel Steger & Gretchen Gueguen
Webinar for OSFI Members on the OSF API and the potential for interoperability.

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Eric Olson

Innovative Mechanisms for Marketing Health Insurance: A Three-Phase Study that Includes a Randomized Field Experiment

Wendy Epstein, Christopher Robertson, Hansoo Ko, Matthew Lyddon, Kevin Wilson & David Yokum
This study, conducted in partnership with Health Insurance Exchanges in Maryland and Rhode Island, will test the effectiveness of marketing messages with a 'generosity framing' as a market-based mechanism for increasing insurance uptake among eligible uninsured populations in those states. We will test a variety of messages involving a generosity framing (encompassing a range of related concepts including responsibility and social norming). The study will include three phases. First, we will conduct qualitative exploratory work...

Supporting Open Science Data Curation, Preservation, and Access by Libraries

Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Claire Riss, Jefferson Bailey & Lori Donovan
In this webinar, attendees will learn about both the technical and practical aspects of this collaborative project connecting the researcher tool OSF and the preservation system of Internet Archive. We will demonstrate how researchers can improve the openness and reproducibility of their research through preregistration, and how those preregistrations are preserved with Internet Archive. We will answer questions and seek to learn your needs and use cases for how this powerful workflow can support library...

Banner Health OSF Playground

Amy Nadell, Angela Allen, Candice VaughanGriffin, Karen Johnson, Sara Knight, Noelle Trinder, Bryan Nugent, Carla Clark & Lopa Patel
The OSF is an open source project management tool that supports researchers throughout their entire project lifecycle. As a collaboration tool, OSF helps research teams work on projects privately or make the entire project publicly accessible for broad dissemination. As a workflow system, OSF enables connections to the many scientific tools researchers already use, streamlining their process and increasing efficiency. You may even use OSF as a portfolio tool for sharing your work with potential...

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Eric Olson & Kevin Schroeder

Impact of target’s race and gender on judgments of social and moral norm violations.

Bertram Malle, Malik Boykin, Vincent Rice, Boyoung Kim & Salomi Aladia
We would like to document two small deviations to the original registration, before we look at the data that were collected two days ago.

The Nature of Rehabilitation Programs to Improve Selected Musculoskeletal, Biomechanical, Functional, and Patient-reported Outcome Measures in Adult and Pediatric Athletes with ACL reconstruction: A Scoping Review

Joel Martin, Nelson Cortes, Nicholas Clark, Eddo Oladipo, Kelly Poretti & Navid Ghoddosi
Following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, patients commonly undergo prolonged rehabilitation (e.g., 9-12 months), but only a small proportion of individuals actually return to pre-injury sports activities. Therefore, research is needed to evaluate the nature and contribution of different components of rehabilitation programs. The purpose of this scoping review is to understand the variety of exercise prescriptions in rehabilitation programs that improve musculoskeletal, biomechanical, functional, or patient-reported outcome measures in athletes with ACL reconstruction. In...

Open Science and Reproducibility

Eric Olson


Eric Olson


Eric Olson

Literature Review

Eric Olson

Alcohol, Communication and Cooperation

Jianxin Wang & Daniel Houser
Alcohol consumption is an important component of business negotiations across many cultures, yet this behavior remains unmodeled and its potential explanations untested. We develop a theory that predicts that intoxication increases cooperation when there is pre-communication. We test these predictions using a prisoner’s dilemma game with and without pre-play communication and randomly assigning alcohol and placebo beverages to subjects in the lab. Our study can provide explanations for the widespread phenomenon of business drinking.

Within-Person Affect and Performance

John Aitken, Julia I Baines, JeongJin Kim & Madeline Elizabeth Wonders
We are conducting a meta-analysis (quantitative synthesis) on the within-person relationship between positive affect, negative affect, and job performance. This preregistration reports the methods involved in searching for and coding papers to include as well as the analyses that we plan to conduct.

Additional file 1 of Response of soil respiration to changes in soil temperature and water table level in drained and restored peatlands of the southeastern United States

E. E. Swails, M. Ardón, K. W. Krauss, A. L. Peralta, R. E. Emanuel, A. M. Helton, J. L. Morse, L. Gutenberg, N. Cormier, D. Shoch, S. Settlemyer, E. Soderholm, B. P. Boutin, C. Peoples & S. Ward
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Total soil respiration predicted by depth to water table (CO2, g m-2 hr-1 ^0.25, = -0.0017 * depth to water table, cm + 0.63) (a), soil temperature (CO2, g m-2 hr-1 ^0.25, = -0.00094 * soil temperature, oC^2 + 0.049 * soil temperature, oC + 0.18) (b) and combined water table level and soil temperature (CO2, g m-2 hr-1 ^0.25 = 0.0016 * depth to water table, cm - 0.00077...

Managing, Collecting, and Sharing Data with OSF - VU Amsterdam

Tycho Hofstra, S. Sandt, Meron Vermaas, B.J.J. Hattink, Lena Karvovskaya, T.J.A.G. Münker, Brett Olivier, C Dijk, Jessica Hrudey, APC Van der Jagt, Lannie Ligthart, W Hugens, A Taimounti, Sam Heijnen, Koen Leuveld, Kacana Khadjavi, Mark Bruyneel, Elisa Rodenburg, H.J. Jorritsma, Haiyan Wang, Petra van Aken, Jolien Scholten, DA Unger, N.A. Dieleman, R.A. Onyango … & M. Hashemi Shabestari
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Moral Justifications to Foster Human-Machine Trust

Bertram F Malle, Elizabeth Phillips & Boyoung Kim
AFOSR 2021-2024 Study 3: Update

ArcWaT: a model-based cell-by-cell GIS toolbox for estimating wave transformation during storm surge events

Felício Cassalho, André de S. de Lima, Tyler W. Miesse, Arslaan Khalid, Daniel J. Coleman & Celso M. Ferreira
Quantifying the spatially varying nearshore wave characteristics and energy dissipation mechanisms is of utmost importance for several coastal management and engineering applications as well as for flood hazard assessment. This study presents the ArcGIS Wave Transformation toolbox (ArcWaT), a model-based GIS toolbox for estimating wave transformation from wave magnitude and direction model outputs. In order to assess the ArcWaT capabilities, a case study was developed using ADCIRC + SWAN model outputs from a highly-resolved numerical...

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