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Fast Urbanism: Between Speed, Time and Urban Futures

Ayona Datta
Blog posting on urban development and speed.

Energy modelling in the UK: The modelling landscape

Neil Strachan & Pei-Hao Li
This paper is the first of four to explore results from UKERC’s Modelling Hub survey. Focusing on the UK energy modelling landscape, these initial findings detail who hosts and runs models, their methodologies and coverage, and their major outputs.

Third Lockdown Crime Effects in England and Wales

Anthony Dixon, Graham Farrell & Shane Johnson
The third national lockdown began early January 2021 and started to ease on 8th March when schools and limited outdoor social contact resumed. Police-recorded crime rates per 10,000 population (in orange) are here compared to expected rates (black lines, with confidence intervals in grey). Crime effects in January and February 2021 were similar to first lockdown (Apr-Jun 2020) but with notable differences. Acquisitive crime except bike theft fell sharply but began to increase in March....

Energy Modelling in the UK: Strengths and weaknesses of UK energy models

Pei-Hao Li & Neil Strachan
This paper is the second of four to explore results from UKERC’s Modelling Hub survey. It focuses on four key areas, looking at how models deal with time, space, technologies and behaviour.

Black Lives, British Justice: Black People in London Criminal Justice Records, 1720-1841

Adam Crymble & Emma Azid

Energy Modelling in the UK: Decision making in government and industrys

Pei-Hao Li & Neil Strachan
This paper is the last of four to explore results from UKERC's Modelling Hub survey. It focuses on how models have underpinned decision making on the transition of the energy system.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering education: an exploration of European higher education institutions’ strategic frameworks, resources, and initiatives

I. Direito, Shannon Chance, L. Clemmensen, S. Craps, S.B. Economides, S.R. Isaac, A.M. Jolly, F.R. Truscott & N. Wint

UK Theses Online?

Frederick J. Friend
Librarians from a number of UK universities, together with representation from the British Library, have formed the University Theses Online Group to explore the feasibility of an online service for the location and delivery of theses in electronic format. A survey of authors and supervisors of theses has been conducted in order to understand better the way in which theses are used and attitudes towards electronic submission. The Group is encouraged by the support it...

Energy Modelling in the UK: The construction, maintenance and transparency of models

Pei-Hao Li & Neil Strachan
This paper is the third of four to explore results from UKERC’s Modelling Hub survey. It considers how models are constructed in terms of costs, funding sources, and resulting impacts. It looks at how models are maintained in terms of costs, users and model updates. It also explores model accessibility and transparency levels.

The closure of the Neotethys in two episodes: first. as a result of Jurassic to Early Cretaceous obduction and second, as a result of Early Palaeocene collision; a comparison of surface geology and tomography (Central Internal Hellenides, Greece)

Rudolph Scherreiks & Camille BouDagher-Fadel
This contribution concerns Neotethys palaeogeography in the Central Internal Hellenides. Neotethys oceanic crust is represented in the Vardar zone of the Hellenides by the ophiolites of the Almopias sub-zone. Contrary to numerous tectonic models in the literature, we show that the Almopias ocean closed in two episodes.

A 5.3-million-year history of monsoonal precipitation in northwestern Australia

Jan-Berend Willem Stuut , Patrick De Deckker , Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero , Franck Bassinot , Anna Joy Drury , Maureen Walczak & Kana Nagashima
NIOZ - Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and Utrecht University, Texel, the Netherlands (1); MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, Bremen University, Bremen, Germany (2); Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands (3); ANU – Australian National University, Research School of Earth Sciences, Canberra, Australia (4); School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Birmingham, United Kingdom (5); LSCE - Laboratoire des Sciences du...

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