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A Comparison of Appalachian and Non-Appalachian Kentucky DUI Offenders

Megan F. Dickson, Megan Kissel & J. Matthew Webster
Background: Driving under the influence has been an overlooked consequence of the opioid epidemic. Although recent reports have highlighted the increased prevalence of DUI in rural communities and the extensive mental health problems and criminal and drug use histories among rural Appalachian DUI offenders, it is unclear how Appalachian DUI populations compare to DUI offenders in other regions. Purpose: To help fill this void in the literature, the current study uses a statewide sample to...


Xue Han
Modern computer software systems are complicated. Developers can change the behavior of the software system through software configurations. The large number of configuration option and their interactions make the task of software tuning, testing, and debugging very challenging. Performance is one of the key aspects of non-functional qualities, where performance bugs can cause significant performance degradation and lead to poor user experience. However, performance bugs are difficult to expose, primarily because detecting them requires specific...

Essays on Price Discrimination and Demand Learning

Benjamin Wallace
This dissertation consists of three essays examining how and why firms set prices in markets. In particular, this dissertation shows how firms may utilize nonlinear pricing to price discriminate, how firms may experiment with the prices they set to learn about the demand function in the market they serve in later periods and the effects of these pricing strategies on consumer welfare. In Essay 1, I show how firms in the milk market use nonlinear...

Mechanisms of Type-I IFN Inhibition

Fatai Oladunni
Equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) is one of the most important and prevalent viral pathogens of horses causing a major threat to the equine industry throughout most of the world. EHV-1 primarily causes respiratory disease but viral spread to distant organs enables the development of more severe sequelae; abortion and neurologic disease. In order to produce disease, EHV-1 has to overcome the innate barrier of the type-I interferon (IFN) system in host cells. However, the underlying mechanisms...

The Effect of States of Emergency on Gubernatorial Approval Ratings

Meghan Steinbeiss
To what extent do unexpected, apolitical events affect governors’ popularity? Individuals’ attitudes towards government are often random, and executives at both the state-level and national-level are held accountable for events that they have little control over. In this study, I seek to understand how these unplanned events affect support for elected officials. Specifically, I examine the effect of the declaration of a State of Emergency on gubernatorial approval. I use an ordinary least squares (OLS)...

Investigation of Kentucky For-Hire Requirements

Andrew Martin, Valerie J. Keathley & Jennifer R. Walton
This study analyzes the costs and benefits of the Kentucky For-Hire operating authority, which is issued to all carriers who pick up and drop off freight in Kentucky on a for-hire basis. It reviews current statutory and regulatory requirements, calculates the costs and benefits of administering Kentucky For-Hire, reviews the legal history of trucking regulation and deregulation, reports on a survey of other states about their practices with intrastate operating authority, and proposes three alternatives...


Jason Wolf
Next generation defense and commercial applications for structural steels require new alloys that eliminate or reduce critical elements from their composition to lower cost and improve manufacturability, while maintaining or exceeding high strength and toughness requirements. A new alloy, denoted as AF9628, has recently been developed for this purpose and its manufacturing characteristics and the material response in component manufacturing must be fully understood. In the present study, hardened AF9628 alloy was turned with a...

Pathological Tau as a Cause, and Consequence, of Cellular Dysfunction

Shelby Meier
Tauopathies are a group of neurodegenerative diseases characterized by the abnormal deposition of the protein tau, a microtubule stabilizing protein. Under normal physiological conditions tau is a highly soluble protein that is not prone to aggregation. In disease states alterations to tau lead to enhanced fibril formation and aggregation, eventually forming neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs). The exact cause for NFT deposition is unknown, but increased post-translational modifications and mutations to the tau gene can increase tangle...

Navigating the Career Pipeline

Andrea Allen Deal
Despite holding a majority of lower and middle management positions in public two-year institutions, women still hold only one-third of current community college presidencies. This study explored the gendered phenomenon of navigating the career pipeline in higher education to reach the office of community college president. The purpose of the study was to examine the educational backgrounds and career paths of recently-appointed female community college presidents, as well as the barriers and sources of support...

Reducing Survey Hypothetical Bias Through Revealed Behavior Priming

Gaby de Nascimento Mandlhate
Economists are still searching for methods to reduce/eliminate Hypothetical Bias (HB). Different methods have been previously applied some with success and others without. In this study, we aimed to further test the cognitive dissonance approach (CD) through a learning design method to estimate the WTP for five beef attributes: Non-quality, Kentucky Proud, Appalachian, Grass Fed and a mix of 25% Non-quality and 75% Kentucky Proud, using a one and one half bounded model. To test...

Rapid Retrofit and Strengthening of Bridge Components

Abheetha Peiris & Issam E. Harik
Rapid repair of damaged or deteriorated concrete bridge components will prevent the entire bridge from suffering irreversible damage in the future due to gradual spalling of concrete or corrosion of exposed steel. CFRP laminates and fabrics have become popular for repairing and strengthening of concrete girders. A series of CFRP materials — branded CatStrong — specifically designed for the repair and retrofit of bridges was developed at the Kentucky Transportation Center and the University of...


Izabela Gomes
Dectes texanus LeConte (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) is a longhorn beetle species endemic to eastern United States. Originally described as a pest of weeds from the family Asteraceae, D. texanus has expanded its host range and is found infesting the stems of soybeans, Glycine max (L.) through the southwestern and middle United States. Female D. texanus chews a hole in the epidermis of a petiole and oviposits on it. Then, the D. texanus larva depletes all the...

Frailty in Patients Undergoing Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation

Candice Falls
Heart failure is a progressive condition that affects over 5.7 million Americans and costs associated with heart failure account for 2-3 % of the national health care budget. The high rates of morbidity and mortality along with increased costs from readmissions associated with advanced heart failure have led to the exploration of advanced treatments such as left ventricular assist devices (LVADs). LVADS have demonstrated morbidity and mortality benefit but cost remains extensive with costs per...

Understanding the Structure-Property-Performance Relationship of Silicon Negative Electrodes

Jiazhi Hu
Rechargeable lithium ion batteries (LIBs) have long been used to power not only portable devices, e.g., mobile phones and laptops, but also large scale systems, e.g., electrical grid and electric vehicles. To meet the ever increasing demand for renewable energy storage, tremendous efforts have been devoted to improving the energy/power density of LIBs. Known for its high theoretical capacity (4200 mAh/g), silicon has been considered as one of the most promising negative electrode materials for...

Evaluation of Roadway Lighting Practices

Brian K. Howell, William Nicholas Staats, Austin William Obenauf & Jerry G. Pigman
Adequate roadway lighting allows better driver visibility during nighttime conditions. Research studies show that lighted roadways on average experience 28 percent fewer vehicles crashes on all roadway types. Most state DOTs have historically used High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights for their roadside lighting programs due to their wide availability and relatively low purchase costs. However, the short lifespan of HPS results in frequent replacement, leading to high life cycle costs. Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights consume less...


Lauren Herrick
Curcumin, a polyphenol, has been suggested to improve metabolic byproduct clearance and increasenitric oxide productionin working muscle. These purported effects may delay neuromuscular fatigue. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the effects of curcuminin combination with fenugreek (CUR) or fenugreek soluble fiber alone (FEN)on the neuromuscular fatigue threshold (PWCFT), time to exhaustion (Tlim) on a graded exercise test (GXT), and 𝑉̇O2peakin untrained subjects. Forty-seven,college-aged, aerobically untrained individuals were randomly assigned to one...

The North American Transportation Security Center

Steven Douglas Kreis & Michael M. Barclay
Executive Summary In April 2008, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) completed work on the TSA Hazmat Truck Security Pilot (HTSP). This congressionally mandated pilot program was undertaken to prove that a hazmat truck tracking center was feasible from a technology and systems perspective. The HTSP project team built a technology prototype of a hazmat truck tracking system to show that “smart truck” technology could be crafted into an effective and efficient system for tracking...

Relation Prediction Over Biomedical Knowledge Bases for Drug Repositioning

Mehmet Bakal
Identifying new potential treatment options for medical conditions that cause human disease burden is a central task of biomedical research. Since all candidate drugs cannot be tested with animal and clinical trials, in vitro approaches are first attempted to identify promising candidates. Likewise, identifying other essential relations (e.g., causation, prevention) between biomedical entities is also critical to understand biomedical processes. Hence, it is crucial to develop automated relation prediction systems that can yield plausible biomedical...

The Role of Place in Community Cooperative Food Markets in Lexington, Kentucky

Emily Rodes
Food justice movements focus on providing communities with local, sustainable, culturally appropriate, healthy food while empowering local economic systems that allow for autonomy of both producers and consumers (Caruso, C., 2014; Cadieux, K., 2015; Hayes, C. & Carbone, E., 2015). However, current food justice movements often price out and leave behind large portions of the population. Research has shown that engagement with local food systems contribute to feelings of place attachment and a sense of...


Robert Jacob Sivy
English progressive rock band Gentle Giant is catalogued under the progressive (or “prog”) rock genre for a variety reasons, including unique instrumentation, virtuosity, and interesting/unconventional musical attributes. The complexity of their music is often warranted by the sophisticated concepts behind their albums and the deep messages of their songs. The Power and the Glory (TPatG), Gentle Giant’s sixth studio album, is a concept album that emphasizes the rise and corruption of power. What makes their...


John Hast
Globally, male ungulate species are heavily managed for their sporting and trophy qualities. North American elk (Cervus canadensis) are typically managed using a male-biased harvest regime, placing increased chances of mortality on males in these hunted populations. To manage for trophy quality animals that typically represent older age classes, wildlife managers have implemented many age-biased harvest regulations, including spike-only tags and antler point restrictions. Many of these age-biased harvest regulations have fallen short of their...

John Mackey's Wine-Dark Sea

Jonathan C. Sweet
John Mackey’s Wine-Dark Sea: Symphony for Band(2014) is a work of epic proportions and was the winner of the William D. Revelli Composition Contest of the National Band Association in 2015. Wine-Dark Sea: Symphony for Bandhas received much acclaim and many performances including a recording by the University of Texas Wind Ensemble in 2016. The purposes of this dissertation are 1) to provide historical information on the genesis of the work through interviews with its...

Women Into Advanced Manufacturing

Carissa Schutzman
Women still rarely choose to seek employment in advanced manufacturing. Lack of familiarity with manufacturing jobs and education programs, lack of role models, and too few experiential opportunities contribute to women not choosing manufacturing jobs as well as other jobs traditionally held by men (Reha, Lufkin, & Harrison, 2009; St. Rose & Hill, 2013; Starobin & Laanan, 2008). Nontraditional jobs for women often provide higher wages and more opportunity for advancement than traditional jobs for...

Investigation of the Accuracy of Alcohol and Drug Involvement Reporting

William Nicholas Staats
Executive Summary Researchers compared the 2013 to 2017 fatal crash data from the KSP database to the crash data from the FARS database to check the consistency and accuracy of alcohol and drug involvement reporting for drivers in the KSP database. The indications of alcohol and drug involvement in the FARS database were used as the ground truth due to the inclusion of laboratory test results confirming the presence of alcohol and/or drugs in a...

Mechanisms of Trinucleotide Repeat Instability During DNA Synthesis

Kara Chan
Genomic instability, in the form of gene mutations, insertions/deletions, and gene amplifications, is one of the hallmarks in many types of cancers and other inheritable genetic disorders. Trinucleotide repeat (TNR) disorders, such as Huntington’s disease (HD) and Myotonic dystrophy (DM) can be inherited and repeats may be extended through subsequent generations. However, it is not clear how the CAG repeats expand through generations in HD. Two possible repeat expansion mechanisms include: 1) polymerase mediated repeat...

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