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« Look for the nul » : Paterson ou la cartographie blanche

Aurore Clavier

Data Papers provide an Innovative Tool for Information and Data Management: A Use Case

Dominic Farace & Joachim Schopfel
In earlier work dealing with Data Papers, emphasis initially focused on its definition, the construction of a standardized template in compiling its component parts, its further 1 publication, access and data preservation . this was followed by a study seeking to engage the citation and referencing of data papers and the further sharing and reuse of 2 the data described therein . a more recent work outside GreyNet’s immediate community of practice3 addressed the diverse...

The City and the City… and the city: space and the politics of seeing in China Miéville’s novel

Isabelle Boof-Vermesse

Entretien avec Bertrand Westphal

Yann Calbérac, Ronan Ludot-Vlasak & Bertrand Westphal

The Grey Side of the Green Road : Empirical Assessment of Academic Publishing in the HAL Open Repository

Joachim Schopfel, Eric kergosien, Helene Prost & Florence Thiault
The paper provides empirical results on the part of grey literature in the French national open repository HAL. The results are based on a quantitative analysis of 973,968 deposits from 1,272 research laboratories affiliated the ten most important research universities in France (IDEX program). 35% of all deposits (documents and records) are grey literature. The main types of these items are conference papers (71%), PhD theses (11%) and preprints and working papers (8%). Their overall...


Yann Calbérac & Ronan Ludot-Vlasak


Marianne Bloch-Robin, Alberto da Silva & Rodrigo Nabuco de Araujo

Le chaînon manquant d’un génocide. Autour de L’Image manquante (Rithy Panh, 2013)

Vicente Sánchez-Biosca & Marianne Bloch-Robin

Cruce de miradas en el cine mexicano contemporáneo: la adolescencia femenina entre tensión melodramática y efecto trágico

Antoine Rodriguez

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