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Consumption of Added Sugars by Rural Residents of Southwest Virginia

Maryam Yuhas, Valisa Hedrick & Jamie Zoellner
Introduction: Nationally, rural residents have high consumption of added sugars, yet the top sources have not been explored. Characterizing added-sugar intake in high sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumers in rural areas is an important step to help inform interventions and policies. Purpose: The objective of this study was to explore the top food and beverage sources of added sugar and to examine variations by sociodemographic characteristics. Methods: This cross-sectional study analyzed data from a randomized-controlled trial...

Getting Started on OSF

Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Mark Call & Daniel Steger
So you've made an OSF account — awesome! Now you’re ready to get started, but what should you do first? This project has resources, templates, and demonstrated practices to help you begin your OSF journey. Still have questions? Contact support@osf.io to discuss more OSF features.

Public COAPI Toolkit of Open Access Policy Resources

Judy Anderson, Jordan Andrade, Virginia Barbour, Jeff Belliston, Marilyn Billings, Michael Boock, Mark Christel, Amy Coughenour, Eva Cunningham, Barbara DeFelice, Kimberly Douglas, Ada Emmett, Ellen Finnie, Stephen Flynn, Bryn Geffert, Chloe Georas, Dan Heuer, Erin Jerome, Timothy Jewell, Brian Kern, Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Farley Laine, Anne Langley, Ruth Lewis, Camilla MacKay … & John Martin
The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI, https://sparcopen.org/coapi ) is committed to sharing information and resources to assist in the development and implementation of institutional Open Access (OA) policies. The COAPI Toolkit includes a diverse collection of resources that COAPI members have developed in the course of their OA policy initiatives. These resources are openly accessible and published here under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licenses, unless otherwise noted on the resources themselves.

AEMON-J/DSOS Archive: \"Hacking Limnology\" Workshop + Virtual Summit in Data Science & Open Science in Aquatic Research

Michael Meyer, Robert Ladwig, Isabella Oleksy, Jorrit Mesman, Jacob Zwart, Alli Cramer, Kaelin Cawley, johannes feldbauer, Patricia Tran, Gregor Moreira, Muhammed Shikhani, Deviyani Gurung, Robert Hensley, Elena Matta, Ryan McClure, Thomas Petzoldt, Nuria Lopez, Karline Soetaert, Mridul Thomas, Simon Topp, , Elizabeth McDaniel, Laura Schaerer, Stefano Mezzini, Charuleka Varadharajan … & Abdou Bah
This OSF project is meant to serve as a long-term storage repository for presentations and workshop materials for the Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling-Junior (AEMON-J) and Virtual Summit: Incorporating Data Science and Open Science (DSOS) communities. Contributors in this repository include past presenters and workshop organizers. Contributors are only responsible for those individual presentations that are labeled with their surname.

Scutellaria Extract Inhibits Proliferation and Migration of Brain-Metastatic Lung Cancer Cells via Regulation of Multiple Signaling Pathways

Robert E. Wright III, Lubana Shahin, Venumadhavi Gogineni, Zahin Hussain, Aroma Naeem, Sudha Sadasivan, Indrajit Sinha, Melody Neely, Sharon K. Michellhaugh, Sandeep Mittal, Nirmal Joshee & Prahlad Parajuli

Assessing Microplastic Pollution in Four Mile Run, an Urban Stream in Northern Virginia

Kurt Moser, Tessa Naughton-Rockwell, Louisa Wang, Ethan Litmans & Amanda Manoogian
Microplastics are pollutants of concern in waterways and oceans for their persistence and impact on aquatic life and food webs. This study demonstrates a low-cost land-based sampling method to assess the extent of microplastic pollution found in Four Mile Run, an urban stream in Northern Virginia. Microplastic particle counts in environmental and treated wastewater ranged from 0.01-0.24 particles L-1 (mean 0.08 particles L-1) and from 2 to 446 µg L-1 (mean 70 µg L-1), with...

Managing, Collecting, and Sharing Data with OSF - VU Amsterdam

Tycho Hofstra, S. Sandt, Meron Vermaas, B.J.J. Hattink, Lena Karvovskaya, T.J.A.G. Münker, Brett Olivier, C Dijk, Jessica Hrudey, APC Van der Jagt, Lannie Ligthart, W Hugens, A Taimounti, Sam Heijnen, Koen Leuveld, Kacana Khadjavi, Mark Bruyneel, Elisa Rodenburg, H.J. Jorritsma, Haiyan Wang, Petra van Aken, Jolien Scholten, DA Unger, N.A. Dieleman, R.A. Onyango … & M. Hashemi Shabestari
Test Description

OSF Institutions

Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Daniel Steger & Gretchen Gueguen
OSF Institutions enhances transparency and increases the visibility of research outputs, accelerating discovery and reuse. The Center for Open Science partners with institutions to provide infrastructure and tools to help researchers manage, collaborate and share their work, provide training and guide resources to enable researchers in transparent, open, and reproducible workflows, and collaborates with institutional staff to overcome challenges and showcase the open and reproducible outputs contributed by their research community. You can focus your...


Eric Olson, Daniel Steger & Gretchen Gueguen

Catalyzing Open Science Globally: Use Cases and Translated Resources

Daniel Steger, Nestor Arévalo, Anabel Belaus, Felipe Vilanova & Rafael Gonzalez
Wednesday, July 20, 2022 Communities of researchers from diverse groups and cultures around the globe use the Open Science Framework (OSF) to support their research workflows. This webinar highlights the impact of translated OSF help guides from different countries, and case studies on how the OSF is used in different countries. If you are interested in becoming a translator for open science resources, please fill out the Translator Interest Form.

The Effects of Sorority Recruitment on Self-Esteem

Lauren Chapman, Joan B. Hirt & Nicklaus R. Spruill

Changing Trends in the Undergraduate Fraternity/Sorority Experience: An Evaluative and Analytical Literature Review

Amy B. Perkins, J. Daniel Zimmerman & Steven M. Janosik

The 2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign

Judson C. Abraham
Some socialists criticize Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign, taking issue with the senator’s nationalism, vague presentation of socialism and revolution, and seeming preoccupation with class at the expense of attention to racism. This article draws from Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe’s theorization of populism to depict Sanders’s campaign as a legitimately socialist project. Laclau and Mouffe claim that left populism may evolve into socialism under certain conditions. One may expect Sanders’s populism to empower previously...

Intangible Assets in Valuation in the Hospitality Industry

Ruixue Du, Yuan Li & Manisha Singal
In publicly traded firms, there is usually a discrepancy between the market value and the book value of the firm, often due to the valuation of intangible assets. Understanding this discrepancy is import- ant for investors, especially in the service industries like hospitality, where there is considerable industry disruption and consolidation. In this study we examine the effect of four intangible asset investments—research and development (R&D), training, advertising, and pension—on the market premium of restaurant...

Learning Communities in Fraternity/Sorority Housing

Sean S. Blackburn & Steven M. Janosik

Establishing Black Identity at a Predominantly White Institution: The Influence of a Hybrid Pledge/Intake Process Utilizing Nguzo Saba Principles

Katherine D. Llyod

Access to Autism Spectrum Disorder Services for Rural Appalachian Citizens

Angela Scarpa, Laura S. Jensen, Denis Gracanin, Sharon L. Ramey, Angela V. Dahiya, L. Maria Ingram, Jordan Albright, Alyssa J. Gatto, Jen P. Scott & Lisa Ruble
Background: Low-resource rural communities face significant challenges regarding availability and adequacy of evidence-based services. Purposes: With respect to accessing evidence-based services for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), this brief report summarizes needs of rural citizens in the South-Central Appalachian region, an area notable for persistent health disparities. Methods: A mixed-methods approach was used to collect quantitative and qualitative data during focus groups with 33 service providers and 15 caregivers of children with ASD in rural southwest...

Collaborations Across Open Science (Community Series, Summer 2020)

Eric Olson, Marcy Reedy, Sandra Gesing, Noel Recla, Richard Johnson, Adrien Rigobello, Natalie Meyers, Gretchen Gueguen & Daniel Steger
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