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Introducing and Practicing Open and Reproducible Scholarship (COS Training 2.0)

April Clyburne-Sherin, Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Daniel Steger & Huajin Wang

Catalyzing Open Science Globally: Use Cases and Translated Resources

Daniel Steger, Nestor Arévalo, Anabel Belaus, Felipe Vilanova & Rafael Gonzalez
Wednesday, July 20, 2022 Communities of researchers from diverse groups and cultures around the globe use the Open Science Framework (OSF) to support their research workflows. This webinar highlights the impact of translated OSF help guides from different countries, and case studies on how the OSF is used in different countries. If you are interested in becoming a translator for open science resources, please fill out the Translator Interest Form.

Managing, Collecting, and Sharing Data with OSF - VU Amsterdam

Tycho Hofstra, S. Sandt, Meron Vermaas, B.J.J. Hattink, Lena Karvovskaya, T.J.A.G. Münker, Brett Olivier, C Dijk, Jessica Hrudey, APC Van der Jagt, Lannie Ligthart, W Hugens, A Taimounti, Sam Heijnen, Koen Leuveld, Kacana Khadjavi, Mark Bruyneel, Elisa Rodenburg, H.J. Jorritsma, Haiyan Wang, Petra van Aken, Jolien Scholten, DA Unger, N.A. Dieleman, R.A. Onyango … & M. Hashemi Shabestari
Test Description

Data Analytic Replication of a Research Claim from Echavarri (2016), from WorldDev

Jianhua Duan, Elan Parsons, Olivia Miske, Brianna Luis, Zachary Loomas, Nicholas Fox, Andrew Tyner, Krystal Hahn, Sanghyun Hong, Nathaniel Porter & W. Reed
This is a Data Analytic Replication (DAR) attempt on the Claim 4 “Regarding the effect of societal discrimination against young girls, holding constant other socioeconomic and cultural factors, and given the mean number of unwanted daughters within the household (0.80), our estimates support that increases in societal discrimination are associated with 0.045 increases in the expected number of daughters’ deaths (p < 0.001).” from Echávarri and Husillos (2016). The statistical evidence is: Table 2, Column...

JK Lifespan Development Lab at VT

Jungmeen Kim-Spoon


Dan Tamul, James Ivory, Malte Elson, Madison Lanier, Jessica Hotter, Jordan Wolf & Shyam Ranganathan

Media Bias Towards AI

Angela Yi


Elan Parsons, Olivia Miske, Brianna Luis, Zachary Loomas, Nicholas Fox, Andrew Tyner, Krystal Hahn, Sanghyun Hong, Jianhua Duan & Nathaniel Porter

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  • 2022

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