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Irish BIM Study 2017

Barry McAuley, Alan Hore & Roger West

BIM Innovation Capability Programme of Ireland

Barry McAuley, Alan Hore & Roger West
The Irish Government has requested that Enterprise Ireland, an organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets to actively promote the use of BIM in Ireland. This promotion has taken the form of an opportunity for Enterprise Ireland clients to apply for a grant under their BIM Enable and BIM Implementation schemes and also through their funding of the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP) of Ireland. The BICP is a...

Human Factors Engineering at Design Projects for Process Industry - Challenges and Lessons Learned

Maria Chiara Leva & Farzad Naghdali
This paper summarises current industrial practices and standards promoting Human Factors Engineering (HFE) at design stage and revise them with an action research approached based on the concrete case studies performed during a European project called TOSCA. The paper highlights how HFE can significantly impact the costs and risk associated with a plant lifecycle and the current gaps and issues encountered. The gaps identified are used to guide industrial practices and standards towards a more...

English WordNet Taxonomic Random Walk Pseudo-Corpora

Filip Klubick, Alfredo Maldonado, Abhijit Mahalunkar & John D. Kelleher

BIM in Ireland 2019: a Study of BIM Maturity and Diffusion in Ireland

Barry McAuley, Alan Hore & Roger West

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