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Accounting for Real Exchange Rates Using Micro‐Data

Mario J. Crucini & Anthony Landry
The classical dichotomy predicts that all of the time-series variance in the aggregate real exchange rate is accounted for by non-traded goods in the consumer price index (CPI) basket because traded goods obey the Law of One Price. In stark contrast, Engel (1999) claimed the opposite: that traded goods accounted for all of the variance. Using micro-data and recognizing that final good prices include both the cost of the goods themselves and local, non-traded inputs...

On What States Do Prices Depend? Answers from Ecuador

Craig Benedict, Mario J. Crucini & Anthony Landry
In this paper, we argue that differences in the cost structures across sectors play an important role in firms’ decisions to adjust their prices. We develop a menu-cost model of pricing in which retail firms intermediate trade between producers and consumers. An important facet of our analysis is that the labor-cost share of retail production differs across goods and services in the consumption basket. For example, the price of gasoline at the retail pump is...

Behaviors Viewed as Deplorable by Peers: A Different Approach to Programming to Curb Unacceptable Behaviors in Fraternities and Sororities

Gordon W. Maples, Emily Perrin Britt, John M. Braxton & Amy S. Hirschy

(Re)Imagining (Re)Habilitation

Elizabeth Lanphier, Takunda Matose & Abu Ali Abdur'Rahman
In this article we argue that developing programs focused on rehabilitation in the setting of mass incarceration is an incoherent goal given that rehabilitation presupposes prior habilitation. Yet, histories of social and personal trauma render this initial habilitation illusive, at best, for much of the population that ends up incarcerated in a setting such as death row. Our claim is that traumatic histories can impede development and lead to antisocial consequences to such an extent...

Implicit Theories of Negotiation: Developing a Measure of Agreement Fluidity

Ray Friedman, Robin Pinkley, William Bottom, Wu Liu & Michele Gelfand

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