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Высокочастотное излучение с фронта ударной волны при движении ее в плазме

Александр Сергеевич Барышников, Валерий Александрович Сахаров, Илья Александрович Барышников & Марина В. Чистякова
Теоретически исследуется возможность электромагнитного излучения ударной волны в столкновительной плазме, излучения, которое стимулировано именно движением самой ударной волны. Излучение происходит поперек движению ударной волны и для экспериментов в холодной плазме — на частоте высокочастотного излучения.

Calibration and Validation of the Menetrey-Willam Constitutive Model for Concrete

Andrey Dmitriev, Iurii Novozhilov, Dmitriy Mikhaluk & Vladimir Lalin

Modeling microstructure evolution during thermomechanical processing and heat treatment of steels and predicting their mechanical properties

A.A. Vasilyev, D.F. Sokolov & S.F. Sokolov
An integral computer model/program AusEvol Pro was developed to describe the evolution of steel microstructure during thermomechanical processing (hot rolling, forging), as well as subsequent heat treatment (normalization, tempering), and to evaluate the final mechanical properties (yield stress, tensile stress, elongation), hardness and impact toughness. The program implements a set of physically based models that allow quantitative description of all significant processes of steel structure formation with account of the effects of chemical composition both...

The Language of Human-Machine Communication

Daria Bylieva
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language discusses the problem of finding an optimal form of human-machine communication. In the ongoing search for an alien mind, humanity seems to find it not in the infinities of space, but in its own environment. Changes in the language of human-machine interaction made it understandable not only to trained specialists but to every household. In the course of time, home appliances and devices have developed...

Language of Art as Language of Utopia

Natalia Ershova
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language looks at language and technology coming together in avant-garde art, Russian futurism and constructivism. When words become a visual elements in the composition of new worlds, the creation of words can be seen as a way of breaking with the thinking of the past, but it can also be viewed as a social technology for the construction of a new life. Artists and poets experimented...

Natural isomers of fullerenes from C4 to C20

Alexander I. Melker & Aleksandra N. Matvienko
We have systematized possible ways of forming the isomers of mini-fullerenes, namely elementary fullerenes: tetrahedron C4, triangular prism C6, cube C8, pentagonal prism C10, hexagonal prism C12, as well as their derivatives, which were obtained by joining elementary fullerenes. Combined with the graph analysis, this approach allows obtain a clear knowledge of their structure. Among them there are barrel-shaped fullerenes: C12, C16, C20; tetrahedral ones C12 and C16; bi-shamrocks C14 and C18, bipyramids C14 and...

Element-free numerical modeling with discrete gradient and its application to crystal defects

A.A. Zisman
The gradient operation has been extended to discrete data in terms of nodal coordinates. On this ground, the nodal strains and related stresses are expressed directly in terms of nodal displacements and the stress divergence in terms of nodal stresses. To make use of truly discrete modeling in computational solid mechanics, the stress balance equation is formulated. For a case study, the latter is applied to an edge dislocation where atom positions of a dislocated...

Nano- and microparticle aggregation: unique optical vectors for control

Alexandra G. Bezrukova & Olga L. Vlasova
The multiparameter analysis of simultaneous optical data for systems of nano- and/or micro-particles (3D disperse systems, dispersions, colloids, ensembles with the average diameter less than 10 micrometers) can be presented as the system characteristics characterized by N-dimensional unique vectors of optical parameters that can elucidate changes in the state of system particles. The application of ND unique optical vector approach is shown for several biomedical dispersions at the processes of aggregation. This approach can serve...

Оценка показателей виброустойчивости гидростатических подшипников при коррекции их динамических свойств

Михаил Семенович Бундур, Никита Александрович Пелевин & Вячеслав Алексеевич Прокопенко
Приведена актуальность исследования возможностей повышения динамического качества опор шпиндельного узла, которые в первую очередь определяют производительность, качество и точность обработки деталей. Рассмотрены известные критерии оценки запаса устойчивости системы автоматического регулирования гидростатического подшипника при введении в его схему управления корректирующих RC-цепей. В целях упрощения процедуры определения параметров коррекции на основе преобразованных структурных схем системы автоматического регулирования разработаны соответствующие модели, позволяющие выполнять построение переходных процессов, амплитудно-частотной характеристики для вычисления логарифмического декремента, логарифмической амплитудно-частотной и фазочастотной характеристик для...

Corrosion resistance and mechanical performance of steel reinforcement, before and after shot-blasting process

Ch. Apostolopoulos, Arg. Drakakaki, А.I. Rudskoi, G.Е. Коdzhaspirov & Alk. Apostolopoulos
As it is widely known, corrosion of steel reinforcement is one of the main causes of deterioration of the reinforced concrete structures. Corrosion phenomena combined with seismic loads aggravate the situation. For this reason, in the present paper, an effort is made to upgrade the performance of steel reinforcement against corrosion, using the shot blasting method. Precisely, two groups of specimens were prepared, one of which had previously been shot blasted. Afterwards, the specimens were...

Fire resistance of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the tall residential building with core structural system

Ivan Dmitriev, Marina Gravit, Михаил Назаров & Владимир Иванов

Strength and deformability of compressed-bent masonry structures during and after fire

Арина Мохирева, Arturs Proskurovskis, Ekaterina Glebova, Levon Nazinyan & Nikita Belousov

Language of Criminalistic Research as a Basis for Studying Criminal Legal Phenomena

Dmitriy Mokhorov & Alexander Fedyukovsky
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language explores the complicated interrelation of conceptual and technological change in the context of scientific development. It shows how these relations become even more complex in the age of information technologies. Criminalistic research offers a case in point. It is defined by a set of technologies and a precise language which serves to render vague legal concepts determinate. Technology is not only used by law enforcement...

Growth of thick gallium oxide on the various substrates by halide vapor phase epitaxy

A.V. Kremleva, Sh.Sh. Sharofidinov, A.M. Smirnov, E. Podlesnov, M.V. Dorogov, M.A. Odnoblyudov, V.E. Bougrov & A.E. Romanov

Physical fundamentals of thermomechanical processing in ultrafine-grained metallic materials manufacturing

А.I. Rudskoi, G.Е. Коdzhaspirov, J. Kliber, Ch. Apostolopoulos & D.A. Kitaeva
The processing of metallic materials through the application Thermomechanical Processing (TMP) has now become of major importance in the world research and industrial companies. A great attention is paid to study of mechanism TMP applied to different techniques and technological processes providing ultrafine-grained state of metal materials including submicro – and nanocrystalline ones. The main development in terms of obtaining bulk metallic materials received in the recent years, various schemes of TMP of metallic materials,...

Selective laser melting of copper alloy

I.A. Polozov, E.V. Borisov, V.Sh. Sufiiarov & A.A. Popovich
Additive Manufacturing (AM) of copper and its alloys is a promising way to produce parts with complex geometries without tooling. One of the AM processes is Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology that uses a laser beam to fuse powder layers to obtain a final part. Laser processing of copper is considered to be a challenging task due to its high thermal conductivity and poor laser absorptivity. In the present work, Cu-Cr-Zr-Ti alloy powder has been...

Double Seismic Insulation System of Turbine Unit Foundation

Vladimir Tarasov

FRP helical micro screw pile with cast iron pile cap: Review

Nikolai Ivanovich Vatin, Renat Nurmukhametov, Ilizar Mirsayapov, Евгений Васюткин, Dmitriy Burin & Sergey Vasyutkin

Bearing Capacity of Reinforced Concrete T-beams with a Steel Profile

Vladimir Korsun, Георгий Швец & Natalia Vinogradova

Генерирование базовых инвестиционных целей предприятия в стратегической перспективе

Николай Дмитриевич Дмитриев & Людмила Эдуардовна Дубаневич
Современные условия хозяйствования обусловливают необходимость привлечения инвестиционных вложений с целью максимизации инвестиционной эффективности. Для ее поддержания требуется определиться с инвестиционными целями предприятия. Данное исследование направлено на рассмотрение теоретических основ процесса генерирования базовых инвестиционных целей. Построение объективного исследования требует решения задач по выработке требований к генерированию стратегических целей, учитывая социальные тенденции общества. Предложено рассмотрение инвестиционной деятельности как с целью получения экономической эффективности, так и с целью развития социальных эффектов. Выявлено, что именно формирование целевых установок на...


A.A. Vasilyev, D.F. Sokolov, S.F. Sokolov & A.A. Zisman
Transformation kinetics of undeformed and deformed austenite during continuous cooling has been investigated on several industrial steels. Dimensions of both prior austenite grains and ferrite grains in ferrite-pearlite structures obtained for various states of parent austenite and cooling rates were determined. Based on the obtained experimental data a physically motivated model is formulated for the ferritic transformation with allowance for the effects of deformation and concurrent recovery of austenite. Under consideration is the deformation influence...

3D finite element, connected with orthogonal finite functions, in modeling and investigation of elastic homogeneous and heterogeneous material

V.L. Leontiev & I.V. Efremenkov
A novel 2D finite element (FE) associated with orthogonal finite functions (OFF, orthogonal splines) was developed for the ANSYS software and was tested early. The expansion of this method is presented here. The novel 3D FE, connected with 3D OFF is proposed for modeling and investigation of the stress-strain state of homogeneous and heterogeneous elastic bodies. The accuracy of the solutions obtained with this 3D FE is as high as for the classic ANSYS 3D...

Natural isomers of fullerenes from C20 to C28

Alexander I. Melker & Aleksandra N. Matvienko
We have systematized possible ways of forming the isomers of midi-fullerenes, namely C22, C24, C26 and C28. There are three the most natural mechanisms of their obtaining: embedding carbon dimers into initial fullerenes; fusion of carbon cupolas having the same symmetry; fusion of fullerenes having compatible symmetry. The minimum energy fullerenes are obtained through the use of the first mechanism. It is worth noting that these fullerenes conserve the topological three-fold symmetry. At the same...

Natural isomers of fullerenes from C30 to C40

Alexander I. Melker, Aleksandra N. Matvienko & Maria A. Krupina
We have systematized possible ways of forming the isomers of midi-fullerenes, namely C30, C32, C34 C36, C38 and C40. Similar to the isomers of midi-fullerenes from C20 to C28, there are three the most natural mechanisms of their formation: 1) Embedding carbon dimers into initial fullerenes; 2) Fusion of carbon cupolas having the same symmetry; and 3) Fusion of fullerenes having compatible symmetry. The energies of the fullerenes calculated through the use of molecular mechanics...

Высокотемпературное каталитическое разложение аммиака в присутствии фтористого водорода

Екатерина Сергеевна Курапова, Дмитрий Анатольевич Мухортов, Дмитрий Станиславович Пашкевич, Павел Сергеевич Камбур, Марина Павловна Камбур & Илья Андреевич Блинов
Представлены результаты экспериментальных исследований высокотемпературного разложения аммиака в присутствии фторида водорода на катализаторе торгового наименования ГИПХ-55 на основе фторида магния и хлорида хрома. Определены константы скорости реакций и значения энергии активации. Данные экспериментальные результаты могут быть положены в основу промышленной технологии получения безводного фтористого водорода из гексафторкремниевой кислоты, одного из основных побочных продуктов производства фосфатных удобрений.

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