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The Importance of Irrigation Systems in the Rural Landscape

Noah Anand Fernandes Ar, Nandini Priya Thatikonda, Amit Tandon, Jian Feng, Xueqing Yang & Yisi Liu
Water has become a vital element in studying heritages, since researchers has realized that heritages are not only about sites per se, but also include multiple elements that reflect human social and cultural development along historical evolution, and water is one of the most important sector to study. To study authenticity of water, it is necessary to take interactions between human and water into consideration, and notice different interactions would result in different discussion on...

Implications of rejuvenation on tradition tank irrigation systems - A case study of Ghanapuram, a 13th century temple town in Telangana, India

Noah Anand Fernandes Ar & Nandini Priya Thatikonda Ar
Telangana state, located in the Deccan Plateau, was subjected to major droughts and floods between the years 1960-2010, which occurred due to the damage and poor management of its historic water systems. Responding to this crisis faced in the region, the Government of the newly formed state of Telangana launched the ‘Mission Kakatiya’, a scheme which aimed to restore centuries-old tank irrigation networks. The Ghanpur tank is among the major tanks that were revived as...

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