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Copyright Reform and the Library and Patron Use of Non-text or Mixed-Text Grey Literature: A Comparative Analysis of Approaches and Opportunities for Change

Tomas Lipinski & Katie Chamberlain Kritikos

Is the Licensing of Grey Literature Using the Full Palette of “Contractual” Colors?: A Comparative Analysis of Grey Literature Terms of Use

Tomas Lipinski & Andrea Copeland
This paper reviews a sample of licenses or terms of use governing the use of grey collections. A license is a form of legal permission. It need not be a contract but often is. Some terms of service reviewed do not even provide permission per se but state a list or rules users should follow. From this analysis a list of best licensing practices or checklist of considerations can be offered. Regardless of the specific...

Collecting, organizing, and preserving diverse publication sources for the good of one community archive: Legal challenges and recommendations

Andrea Copeland, Tomas Lipinski & Kyle Jones

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