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Indentation Fracture of Bovine Cortical Bone: Acoustic Emission Technique

Ashkan Safari, Ger Reilly & Brendan McCormack
Indentation cutting may result in microcracking and main crack growth which was previously reported. In this study, we recorded the AE signals produced by cracking processes during cutting on cortical bone, measuring the cutting force and correlating between load-displacement curves and AE activities.

An Experimental Technique for Measurement of Heat Generated During Bone Sawing

Hamid Khalili Parsa, Ger Reilly & Brendan McCormack
Orthopaedic bone cutting processes such as osteotomy and hip arthroplasty involve the cutting of one with the aid of various manual and powered cutting instruments including manual and powered bone saws. The extent of surgically induced bone necrosis at the point of the cutting tool and the bone is mainly due to the frictional heat generated by bone cutting. Bone necrosis has an impact on bone regeneration, and the rate of healing of the bone...

Analysis of Indentation Loading of Cortical Bone Using Acoustic Emission Techniques

Ashkan Safari, Ger Reilly & Brendan McCormack
In this study, we recorded the number of Acoustic emission (AE) hits and related AE energy during indentation fracture of cortical bone using a PAC PCI-2 card and pico sensor. A threshold value of 43dB was used to filter premature trigger due to background noise. Registered AE hits had more than one count (threshold crossing). Amplifier gain was set at 40dB with a (0.1-1) MHz band pass filter. 8mm cubes of cortical bones were indented...

Detection of Microcracks During Bone Cutting Using Acoustic Emission Techniques

Ashkan Safari, Ger Reilly & Brendan McCormack
Surgeons may use a number of cutting instruments such as osteotomes and chisels to cut bone during operative procedures. The initial loading of cortical bone during the cutting process results in the formation of microcracks in the vicinity of the cutting zone with main crack propagation to failure occurring with continued loading; microcracking acts as a stimulus for main crack formation and has also been shown to occur during the propagation of the main crack....

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  • 2020

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