48 Works

Investigating the student’s learning satisfaction, wellbeing, and mental health in the context of imposed remote teaching during the COVID-19 crisis

Claude Houssemand, Merlin Rastoder, Paul Milmeister & Christiane Koch

Living and Learning in Times of Corona

Anastasia Badder, Yimin Zhang, Mara Olma & Gabriele Budach


Marie-Paule Jungblut

Schule auf Distanz

Susanne Backes, Isabell Eva Baumann, Dominic Harion, Thomas Lenz & Sabrina Sattler

Mental health issues in health care professionals facing a pandemic

Raquel Goméz-Bravo, Vinicius Jobim Fischer, Carmen Fernández Alonso, Charilaos Lygidakis & Claus Vögele

COVID-19 Crisis: Response-Ability and Responsibility of Theatre

Koku Gnatuloma Nonoa

Differenzialdiagnose und weitere Aspekte

Rachel Wollschläger, Claire Muller & Ineke M. Pit-ten Cate

Lese- und Rechtschreibstörungen

Jessica Fischer, Sonja Ugen & Charlotte Krämer

Extended telecommuting due to COVID-19 and the impact on working life

Philipp E. Sischka & Georges Steffgen

Border controls versus European solidarity

Adolfo Sommarribas & Birte Nienaber

Analyzing border geographies in times of COVID-19

Christian Wille & Florian Weber

Beutler, Christoph

Caroline Reuter & Ursula Anders-Malvetti

Aspekte der luxemburgischen Syntax

Caroline Döhmer
This research project deals with the description of the main syntactic patterns of the Luxembourgish language. The approach is mainly descriptive and the results are based on a corpus with more than 60 million wordforms from different text types. This study starts with a brief description of the languague situation in Luxembourg and a short grammatical overview of the Luxembourgish language. The empirical part focuses on the following phenomena: genitive and partitive patterns, the syntax...

Die Seuche des Lesens

Wilhelm Amann

Self and Society in the Corona Crisis

Georg Mein & Johannes Pause

Lernstörungen im multilingualen Kontext

Sonja Ugen, Christine Schiltz, Antoine Fischbach & Ineke Pit-ten Cate

Das Leben ist immer lebensgefährlich – La vie ne fait pas de cadeau

Matthias Böhmer & Burkhard Hoellen

Corona and the Media

Elisabeth Holl, Miriam-L. Hale & André Melzer

Ein neuer Streit der Fakultäten?

Oliver Kohns

Diagnostik von Lernstörungen im luxemburgischen Grundschulsystem

Jessica Fischer & Ineke Pit-ten Cate

Erweitertes Testinventar

Jessica Fischer & Ineke Pit-ten Cate

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  • 2020

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