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Towards Interspecies Sustainability: The Future for Thoroughbreds and Thoroughbred Racing

Iris Marie Bergmann
The international thoroughbred racing industry is increasingly vulnerable to public scrutiny due to its horse welfare record. At the same time, the industry is concerned about its sustainability. The interface of welfare and sustainability however offers little for the horses because of a disconnect between dominant conceptions of sustainability and the protection of animals arising from an anthropocentric orientation of most conceptualisations of sustainability. This study investigates the interface of animal protection and sustainability, a...

View through rose-colored glasses: the need for diverse lenses to support rural landscape heritage

Steve H. Brown & Cari Goetcheus
The ICOMOS-IFLA Principles Concerning Rural Landscape as Heritage (the Principles; 2017) provide a comprehensive outline of the fields and work required to better recognise and safeguard rural landscape heritage. The Principles acknowledge that the field of heritage conservation cannot sustain rural places and traditional rural heritage landscapes on their own, but must engage with a diverse breadth of disciplines to support and safeguard these spaces. The Principles seek to address loss and adverse changes to...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols

Inclusive Publishing in Australia: A Preliminary Report

Mrva-Montoya Agata
Despite the developments in digital technologies, people with a print disability such as blindness or low vision have limited access to reading material in accessible formats. This “global book famine” affects their opportunities for learning, participating in the social and economic life of society, and leading a balanced life. With limited research in this area, and poor understanding and collaboration among alternative content producers and publishers, a potential opportunity exists to transform the creation and...

Fire Safety Engineering: The Final Report 8 of 8

Peter Johnson, David Lange, Jose Torero, Ashley Brinson & Marianne Foley
The Final Report develops a pragmatic plan on a transition from the current state of fire safety engineering and design in Australia, which differs across states and territories in relation to regulation, registration, and other practice controls, to the required regulatory, education, accreditation and registration state which will ensure a full and proper profession for fire safety engineers.

Fire Safety Engineering: Comparison of FSE Guidance Documents and Assessment Criteria Special Report

Ashley Brinson, Peter Johnson, Stephen Kip, Jose Torero, David Lange & Tobias Salomonsson
The Comparison of FSE Guidance Documents and Assessment Criteria Report provides a review of four guidance documents for fire safety engineering to determine their suitability for use in Australia. A commissioned research report for the Australian Building Codes Board

Tailoring surface codes: Improvements in quantum error correction with biased noise

David Tuckett
For quantum computers to reach their full potential will require error correction. We study the surface code, one of the most promising quantum error correcting codes, in the context of predominantly dephasing (Z-biased) noise, as found in many quantum architectures. We find that the surface code is highly resilient to Y-biased noise, and tailor it to Z-biased noise, whilst retaining its practical features. We demonstrate ultrahigh thresholds for the tailored surface code: ~39% with a...

Sustainability and Rural Landscapes: CultureNature-based solutions

Steve H. Brown, Nora Mitchell, Ege A. Yildirim, Kristal Buckley & George Ortsin
Rural landscapes with interconnected CultureNature heritage value have much to contribute to the resiliency and sustainability of food production, use of renewable natural resources and overall well-being of communities. Their contributions have had limited recognition within the global framework for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and some reference in the UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda. Rural landscapes are addressed in SDG 11 as a type of ‘human settlement’ and Target 11.4 calls for 'strengthening efforts...

Producing Accessible Books in Australia: A Snapshot

Agata Mrva-Montoya
This exploratory study of Australian alternative format providers involved in the retroactive conversion of print into accessible formats seeks to better understand the issues affecting the remediation practices used in the production of accessible content. The key aim of the study is to identify the key challenges that the producers encounter, facilitate better communication with publishers and access to appropriate files for conversion, and improve the delivery of print conversion services so that people with...

Female Ex-Offenders, Discrimination and Work: The Role of the Success Works Initiative

Diane van den Broek, Prudence Black & Eleni Psillakis
THIS REPORT PROVIDES A BRIEF COMMENTARY ON FEMALE EX-OFFENDERS AND THE ISSUES THEY FACE REGARDING EMPLOYABILITY AND DISCRIMINATION IN AUSTRALIA AND OVERSEAS. It presents research on the unique initiative Success Works, a program aimed at securing labour market opportunities for women affected by the criminal justice system, either who are currently in prison or already in the community. The Success Works program (SWP) is an innovative pilot initiative of Dress for Success Sydney (DfSS). The...

Missionaries on a Pilgrimage, or Pilgrims on a Mission? Elements of Pilgrimage in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary Experience

Elisha McIntyre & Daniel H. Olsen
The purpose of this paper is to consider the ways in which proselytizing missions by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are pilgrimage-like. After outlining the historical and theological background behind the Church’s missionary efforts and discuss how this missionary work is organized both practically and social, the similarities between Church missions and religious pilgrimage are compared based on six themes: journeying and the sacred, liminality, communitas, hardships, status, and change...

Fire Safety Engineering: Regulation, Control and Accreditation Report 1 of 8

Stephen Kip, Michael Wynn-Jones, Peter Johnson & Ashley Brinson
The Regulation, Control and Accreditation Report examines the current requirements or controls over practitioners employed or engaged in the building industry in the practice of fire safety engineering

Feasibility assessment of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) deployment with Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) co-combustion at New South Wales (NSW) coal power plants

Gustavo Fimbres Weihs, Minh Ho, Dianne Wiley, Rameen Hayat Malik, Joseph Jones, Ali Abbas, Jake Zhai, Wahyu Meka & Paul Fennell
Burning coal to produce electricity is one of the main contributors of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. This study aims to find out if it is practical and cost-effective to reduce those emissions in NSW by burning waste materials along with the coal, separating the carbon dioxide from the rest of the combustion gases and storing the carbon dioxide deep underground Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), or rubbish, is a combination of many different materials,...

In the Mind of Innovators. Understanding Key Cognitions Driving Novelty

Carlos Vazquez Hernandez
The document shows an initial exploration of the key cognitions experienced by innovators. Cognitions are understood as the different mental activities humans perform to process information to acquire knowledge. Presented herein is a set of mental activities that innovators experience while innovating.

Reading Rural Landscapes as Heritage

Lionella Scazzosi, Raffaella Laviscio, Steve Brown, Pierre Marie Tricaud, Cari Goetcheus & Andrea L'Erario
The workshop will provide an overview of methods and tools necessary for the identification, documentation and interpretation of rural landscapes, as articulated in the ICOMOS-IFLA Principles Concerning Rural Landscapes as Heritage. Three short presentations will be followed by 30 minutes of discussion.

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