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The Reader Preferences of NASA Technical Reports in Electronic Format: Results of a Survey

Thomas E. Pinelli & Vicki L. Golich
The Langley Technical Report Server (LTRS) provides Internet access to NASA Langley-authored (unclassified-unrestricted) technical reports in electronic format. Since its beginnings in 1994, approximately 800 technical reports in electronic format are now available via anonymous FTP through the LTRS. Little is known about the technical report as an information product for knowledge transfer in terms of its actual use, importance, and value. As a rhetorical device, little is known about the use of technical reports...

The U.S. Government Technical Report and Aerospace Knowledge Diffusion: Results of an On-Going Investigation

Thomas E. Pinelli, A.R. Khan, R.O. Barclay & J.M. Kennedy
This paper contains descriptive and analytical data concerning the U.S. government technical report. These data were collected as part of an on-going investigation directed toward understanding the transfer of federally funded aerospace research and development (R&D). The paper summarizes current literature and research, discusses U.S. government technical report use, and presents data obtained from the Aerospace Knowledge Diffusion Research Project. U.A. aerospace engineers and scientists use technical reports primarily for research and indicate that relevance,...

Automated Analysis of Mixed Sample Raman Spectra Using Feedforward Neural Networks and One-Vs-All Decomposition

Alexander Atkinson, M. N. Abedin & H. E. Eksayed-Ali
Interest in use of Raman spectrometers in many fields of analytical science has increased due to ability to nondestructively provide information about molecular structures and component materials of a mixed sample. Advancements in Raman spectrometer hardware has allowed for compact instruments to have deployment capabilities directly on interplanetary missions, flexible usage conditions requiring no sample collection/preparation, and no need for daylight radiation shielding. As the amount of science which can be collected from a Raman...

Preserving the Pyramid of STI Using Buckets

Michael Nelson & Kurt Maly
Buckets are an aggregative, intelligent construct for publishing in digital libraries (DLs). The product of research projects is information. This information is often instantiated in several forms, differentiated by semantic types (report, software, video, datasets, etc.). A given semantic type can be further differentiated by syntactic representations as well (PostScript version, PDF version, Word version, etc.). Although the information was created together and subtle relationships can exist between them, different semantic instantiations are generally segregated...

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