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Encoding and Interpreting Neolithic Sites: World Heritage Temples in Malta

Avellino-Stewart Marie & Dane Munro

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Electronic Literature, or, A Print Essai on Tone in Electronic Literature, 1.0

Ivan Callus & Mario Aquilina
This experimental essai is written in performative awareness of the challenges of tone in electronic literature.

Text Generation, or Calling Literature into Question

Mario Aquilina
Reflecting on the genealogy and histories of "transgressive textualities" and text generators, Aquilina offers readings of texts by Swift, Dahl, Orwell, and Borges to consider the terms and issues involved in situating text generators as transgressive.

The Role of Imagination in Narrative Indie Games

Gordon Calleja
What binds literature, electronic literature and games is "the shaping and networking of the imagination." Drawing on the ideas of Damasio, Walton and Sartre, Gordon Calleja looks at the synthesizing role of the imagination in narrative indie games.

Pilgrim Coaches: a New Phenomenon

Dane Munro

The Winning Narrative: The Social Genesis of Pilgrimage Sites

Stephen F. Haller & Dane Munro

The Aesthetics of Facts

Manuel Vella Rago

Editorial: Conference Proceedings, Niche Market Formation for Faith-Based Tourism

Dane Munro

How Religious Tourism and Pilgrimages can be Beneficial to Communities

Julian C. Zarb

Materiali per una storia sismica delle Isole Maltesi

Maria Serafina Barbano, Viviana Castelli, Pauline Galea & Claudia Pirrotta
We present the results of an ItalianMaltese research, carried out to collect the macroseismic data needed to update the seismic catalogue of the Maltese Islands [Galea, 2007]. In this work we adopted the most uptodate criteria developed by Italian historical seismology, obtaining results that significantly improve knowledge, particularly for the 16501923 timewindow. Several previously unknown local earthquakes have been identified and evidence has been found of earthquake damage caused to the Maltese Islands both by...

Pilgrimage and Beyond: Going Places, Far and Away

Dane Munro, Ian McIntosh & Chadwick Co Sy Su

In Defense of the Pure Pilgrim: De Re Defensionibus Peregrini Castiori

Stephen F. Haller & Dane Munro
Does the pure pilgrim exist? Probably not as a person, but the idea of a pure pilgrim is very much alive, although under threat. John Muir (2002), environmentalist and mountaineer, argued that there is a proper way to climb a mountain. By analogy, there is a virtuous way, allowing for meaningful, spiritual experiences which can be applied to proper peregrination. The early medieval ascetic understanding of pilgrims (St Jerome c. 347-420), was that of wandering...

New Directions in Sacred Journeys Research

Ian S. McIntosh, Claudia Schlee & Dana Munro

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