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Public COAPI Toolkit of Open Access Policy Resources

Judy Anderson, Jordan Andrade, Virginia Barbour, Jeff Belliston, Marilyn Billings, Michael Boock, Mark Christel, Amy Coughenour, Eva Cunningham, Barbara DeFelice, Kimberly Douglas, Ada Emmett, Ellen Finnie, Stephen Flynn, Bryn Geffert, Chloe Georas, Dan Heuer, Erin Jerome, Timothy Jewell, Brian Kern, Shannon Kipphut-Smith, Farley Laine, Anne Langley, Ruth Lewis, Camilla MacKay … & John Martin
The Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI, https://sparcopen.org/coapi ) is committed to sharing information and resources to assist in the development and implementation of institutional Open Access (OA) policies. The COAPI Toolkit includes a diverse collection of resources that COAPI members have developed in the course of their OA policy initiatives. These resources are openly accessible and published here under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licenses, unless otherwise noted on the resources themselves.

Supplementary Material for Challenges and opportunities in coding the Commons: problems procedures, and potential solutions in large-N comparative case studies

Elicia Ratajczyk, Ute Brady, Jacopo Baggio, A. Barnett, Irene Perez-Ibarra, Nathan Rollins, Cathy Rubiños, H.C. Shin, David Yu, R. Aggarwal, J.M. Anderies, M.A. Janssen & Jacopo Baggio
Dataset repository matrix, coding manual and protocols.

Lab Experiments for the Study of Social-Ecological Systems Supplementary Materials

Marco Janssen, Robert Holahan, Allen Lee & Elinor Ostrom
Datasets, archived configuration files, and Dockerized experiment software bundle used in https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1183532

Supplementary Material for Explaining Success and Failure in the Commons: The configural nature of Ostrom's Institutional Design Principles

Jacopo Baggio, Alain Barnett, Irene Perez-Ibarra, Ute Brady, Elicia Ratajczyk, Nathan Rollins, Cathy Rubiños, H.C. Shin, David Yu, R. Aggarwal, J.M. Anderies & M.A. Janssen
Supplementary materials, coding processes, reliability testing and results and QCA tables

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