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Relating Intellectual Property Products to the Corporate Context

Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
The knowledge society demands that organizations utilise to the full the IP (intellectual property) they generate and acquire. In a context of research, development and innovation, the IP consists of products, patents and publications (in the widest sense – any stored representation of human intellect). While conventional research publications (white literature) provide much of the visible IP, the ‘submerged part of the iceberg’ is the grey literature. With OA (Open Access) technologies the line between...

Grey in the Innovation Process

Keith Jeffery & Anne Asserson
The research lifecycle has multiple objectives materialised as outputs, outcomes and impacts. Typical outputs are research publications (including grey literature), patents and products such as research datasets and software, many kinds of art or prototype engineering artifacts. Outcomes include patent licence income, value of a company set up to exploit the output or trained research staff. Impacts include employment creation, a commercial product that saves lives or labour or development of a new field of...

Grey Literature, institutional repositories, and the organisational context

Simon Lambert
Co-authored together with Brian M. Matthews and Catherine Jones. A wide variety of grey literature is produced during the work carried out at a large multidisciplinary scientific research organisation. This paper examines how the grey literature may be managed and the benefits that result. Trends in Technical Reports, which have always been an important medium for transmission of knowledge, are examined, and the use of an institutional repository is advocated for the future of the...

Grey in the R&D Process

Keith G. Jeffery & Anne Asserson
The rate of acquisition of data, its structuring into information and its interpretation as knowledge is increasing rapidly. There are more active researchers now than ever and the output of white publications per researcher is increasing. The output of grey publications is orders of magnitude greater. Past techniques of experts (librarians) cataloguing manually with metadata each publication do not scale. The problem is to find ways to manage this resource. The hypothesis is in 4...

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