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Towards a standard for Open Digital Specimens (openDS)

Eva Häffner & Alex Hardisty

Intensity and Insight: Qualitative Longitudinal Methods as a Route to the Psycho-social

Rachel Thomson, Wendy Hollway, Karen Henwood & Mark Finn
Timescapes Working Paper Series, 3

Expert perceptions of public engagement with Carbon Capture and Storage

Dimitrios Xenias & Lorraine E Whitmarsh
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is widely seen as a key technology for mitigating climate change. This research comprises a dataset formed of two parts, which stem from mixed-methods research (comprising expert interviews and an online survey) to elucidate CCS experts' perceptions and rationales, and expose CCS expert views of public engagement. The first part of the dataset presents the results of qualitative analysis of qualitative interviews (N=13) from experts who are active in the...

Public perceptions of Carbon Capture and Storage

Dimitrios Xenias & Lorraine E Whitmarsh
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) involves trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) from power generation and heavy industrial processes and directing it into long-term geological storage (e.g. in depleted oil fields or saline aquifers). In doing so, CCS could facilitate global carbon abatement efforts. Yet, it remains controversial with high-profile public opposition to particular CCS developments. This dataset contains findings from a large-scale international experimental study of public perceptions of CCS. The study examined how individual, geographical...

Conducting Qualitative Longitudinal Research: Fieldwork Experiences

Joanna Bornat, Bill Bytheway, Lucy Hadfield, Louise Hemmerman, Fiona Shirani & Susie Weller
This collection draws on the fieldwork experiences of some of the researchers involved in the ESRC 'Timescapes: Changing Relationships and Identities throughthe Life Course‘ programme. Timescapes, the first major Qualitative Longitudinal (QLL) study to be funded in the UK, aims to build a picture of life in 21st century Britain by gathering, archiving and analysing interviews from over 400 people living in a variety of circumstances across the UK. Temporal understanding is central to the...

When Asking \"What\" and \"How\" Helps You Win: Mimicry of Interrogative Terms Facilitates Successful Online Negotiations

Kate Muir, Adam Joinson, Emily Collins, Rachel Cotterill & Nigel Dewdney

DiSSCo Prepare Milestone Report MS5.5 \"Compilation of relevant data standards\"

Mareike Petersen, Sabine von Mering & Falko Glöckler

DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS5.3 \"Documentation of PIDs relevant for DiSSCo technical infrastructure\"

Sabine von Mering, Julia Reis, Falko Glöckler, Wouter Addink, Robert Cubey, Mathias Dillen, Anton Güntsch, Elspeth Haston, Sharif Islam & Mareike Petersen

Researching Lives Through Time: Time, Generation and Life Stories

Barbara Adam, Jenny Hockey & Paul Thompson
Timescapes Working Paper Series, 1

DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable report D5.1 \"DiSSCo Knowledgebase for technical development\"

Sabine von Mering, Julia Pim Reis & Mareike Petersen

The Utopian Library

Bill Bell
“I happened to carry a great many books with me instead of merchandise when I sailed my fourth voyage”, reports Raphael Hythloday, “for I was so far from thinking of soon coming back that I thought never to return at all and I gave them all my books”. Thus, as he set out to describe his foundational utopia in 1516, Thomas More imagined a library.

Review of Energy Policy 2021

Rob Gross, Mike Bradshaw, Gavin Bridge, Gisa Weszkalnys, Imogen Rattle, Peter Taylor, Richard Lowes, Meysam Qadrdan, Jianzhong Wu, Jillian Anable, Nicola Beaumont, Astley Hastings, Rob Holland, Andrew Lovett & Anita Shepherd
2021 has been a landmark year for UK energy and climate policy. Plans and strategies were announced across many sectors, from offshore wind to how we heat our homes. The UK also hosted COP26 and pressed hard for greater ambition. Now that the spotlight has moved, in this Review, we consider whether plans will be adequate to deliver results. With a focus on gas and the UK continental shelf, industrial decarbonisation, heat, mobility and the...

Using online news comments to gather fast feedback on issues with public health messaging: The Guardian as a case study

Emma McClaughlin, Elena Nichele, Svenja Adolphs, Pepita Barnard, Jeremy Clos, Dawn Knight, Derek McAuley & Alexandra Lang

TRIAGE Study - Observation field note data and healthcare professional interviews

Simon Read, Heather Waterman, James E Morgan, David Gillespie, Claire L Nollett, Marjorie Weiss & Davina Allen
The TRIAGE Study investigated non-responsiveness to treatment for the degenerative eye condition, glaucoma. The study assessed whether a new evidence-based clinical pathway intervention, the Cardiff Model of Glaucoma Care, was feasible and acceptable to doctors, nurses and optometrists in four hospital eye services. The purpose of the CMGC intervention was to establish whether patients were responsive to their treatment when first initiated. This was achieved by staff instilling an eye drop at the clinic and...

Supplemental material for \"Human-centred design of a new microneedle-based hormonal contraceptive delivery system\"

Benedetta Gualeni, Louise Hughes, Isabelle Stauber, Sion Coulman, Mary Barnes & James C Birchall
The material used with participants in our user studies is provided here. The material includes: Information sheets Consent forms Questionnaires SSI and FGD guidelines

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