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Data for ‘None of this would have made sense to do alone.’ Collaboration in local community-supported agriculture networks

B. Bonfert
The data was generated as part of the ESRC-funded research project 'Foundational Economy, Citizenship, and New Forms of Common Ownership' at Cardiff University. The project investigates dynamics of collaboration across networks of 'community-supported agriculture' (CSA) in the UK and Germany, to study their ability to expand and consolidate alternative forms of food production and distribution at scale.  This publication draws on the qualitative anaysis of 14 semi-structured interviews with CSA representatives (5 from the UK and...

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Sabine von Mering, Julia Pim Reis & Mareike Petersen

The Utopian Library

Bill Bell
“I happened to carry a great many books with me instead of merchandise when I sailed my fourth voyage”, reports Raphael Hythloday, “for I was so far from thinking of soon coming back that I thought never to return at all and I gave them all my books”. Thus, as he set out to describe his foundational utopia in 1516, Thomas More imagined a library.

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