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Curation-Ready Software

Fernando Rios, Bridget Almas, Nicole Contaxis, Alexandra Chassanoff, Paula Jabloner, Heidi Kelly, Megan Potterbusch & Lauren Work
The curation-ready working group aims to develop principles, guidelines, resources to guide curators and data managers to help make software in archives more useful for its intended purpose at the time of archiving

Report 1: Exploring Curation-ready Software: Use Cases

Fernando Rios, Bridget Almas, Nicole Contaxis, Paula Jabloner, Heidi Kelly, Alexandra Chassanoff, Megan Potterbusch & Lauren Work
This is the first progress report of the Software Preservation Network Curation-ready Software Working Group. Also available here http://www.softwarepreservationnetwork.org/exploring-curation-ready-software-use-cases/

Central Coordinating Committee

Jessica Meyerson, Zach Vowell, Megan Potterbusch & Lauren Work

Exploratory Behavioral and Neural Effects of Inflammation-Induced Sickness Behavior

Emily Long

Psi Chi's Network for International Collaborative Exchange (NICE)

Cory Cascalheira, Mary Moussa Rogers, Megan Irgens, Kelly Cuccolo, John Edlund, Martha Zlokovich, Jon Grahe, rick miller, Susana Gallor, Jordan Wagge, Albert Ly, Kaitlyn Werner, Fanli Jia, Robert Yockey, Christina Shane-Simpson, Jill Norvilitis, Tabea Hässler, Lisa Bauer, Caroline Brackette, Neha Shrestha, zelda fleming, Antonios Kagialis & Antonios Kagialis
Connecting Students and Faculty Across the Globe to Study Cross Cultural Questions

Preserving and Sharing Software for Transparent and Reproducible Research: A Review

Fernando Rios
This is a review of the state of software preservation and sharing as it relates to research software. An overview of the challenges and current state of solutions is presented, while also touching on cultural heritage software, the preservation of which has many parallels to research software. Topics include technical approaches to preservation, describing and sharing software, citation/attribution, repositories, and a brief overview of issues in publishing, policy, and legal matters. Note "The Pathways of...

Data for \"Beyond greenness: detecting temporal changes in photosynthetic capacity with hyperspectral reflectance data\" (PLOS One)

Mallory Barnes
Data for PLOS One manuscript by Barnes et al. (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0189539)

Report 2: Exploring Curation-ready Software: Improving Curation-readiness

Fernando Rios, Bridget Almas, Paula Jabloner, Nicole Contaxis, Megan Potterbusch, Alexandra Chassanoff & Lauren Work
This is the second report of the Software Preservation Network Curation-ready Software Working Group. Seven use cases of software preservation are presented in detail. The first report is linked in the Components box below.

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