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Decoupled dust deposition and ocean productivity in the Antarctic Zone of the Southern Ocean over the past 1.5 million years

Michael E. Weber , Ian Bailey , Sidney R. Hemming , Yasmina M. Martos , Brendan T. Reilly , Thomas A. Ronge , Stefanie Brachfeld , Trevor Williams , Maureen Raymo , Simon T. Belt , Hendrik Vogel , Victoria Peck , Linda Armbrecht , Alix Cage , Fabricio G. Cardillo , Zhiheng Du , Gerson Fauth , Christopher J. Fogwill , Marga Garcia , Marlo Garnsworthy , Anna Glüder , Michelle Guitard , Marcus Gutjahr , Iván Hernández-Almeida , Frida S. Hoem … & Xufeng Zheng
Southern Ocean paleoceanography provides key insights into how iron fertilization and oceanic productivity developed through Pleistocene ice-ages and their role in influencing the carbon cycle. We report the first high-resolution record of dust deposition and ocean productivity for the Antarctic Zone, close to the main dust source, Patagonia. Our deep-ocean records cover the last 1.5 Ma, thus doubling that from Antarctic ice-cores. We find a ≥10-fold increase in dust deposition during glacials and a ≤5-fold...

North Korean Refugees' Social Comparison Concerns and Competitive Attitudes.

Ahlam Lee, Eun-A Park & HyunJung Jo
This study will investigate whether there is a difference in social comparison concerns and competitive attitudes by age and socioeconomic status (SES) among North Korean Refugees (NKRs). Given that there is a growing refugee population and competition is ubiquitous, this study would provide insights into the psychological mechanism of a refugee population. NKRs' experiences encompassing living in North Korea, migration processes from North to South Korea, and resettlement processes in South Korea would differ depending...

Metacognition and Uncertainty in Trait Self-Evaluations

Jacob Elder & Brent Hughes
Participants self-evaluate on traits while providing confidence judgments for their self-evaluations. We test whether confidence manipulations lead to differentially greater uncertainty (lower confidence) for those made to feel uncertain about themselves. Moreover, we test whether this greater uncertainty is related is different between traits depending on their centrality.

The Global Encounter as Communitas: Inter-Pilgrim Musicking Along the Contemporary Camino de Santiago

Hannah Snavely

Identification of the diagenetic sedimentary environment and hydrothermal fluid fluxes in Southern Ocean sediments (IODP Exp 382) using B, Si and Sr isotopes in interstitial waters

Valentin Mollé , Sonja Geilert , Bridget Kenlee , Klaus Wallmann , Osamu Seki , Ji-Hwan Hwan , Michael E Weber , Maureen Raymo , Victoria L. Peck , Trevor Williams , Florian Scholz & Expedition 382 Scientists
During IODP Expedition 382, two sites were drilled at 53.2°S at the northern edge of the Scotia Sea and three sites at 57.4°–59.4°S in the southern Scotia Sea within the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Sediments at both locations alternate between dominant terrigenous components during glacials and dominant biogenic components, carbonate at the northerly sites and opal in the southern Scotia Sea, during interglacials. Here we constrain the geochemical environment in interstitial waters using...

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